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ICE June 2016 Status Meetings


Greg - PTP target management and putting together release reviews and working on Titan support.
Robert - Merging ParaView remote branch into next. Geometry Editor improvements. Working on data structure design.
Kasper - Writing CUBIT wiki article. Looking at Geometry Editor documentation.


Robert - Working on transparency/wireframe options for Geometry Editor. Working on design for geometry data structures.
Kasper - Working on parsing .stl files for import into ICE.


Jay - Hosting the Science Working Group Workflow Discussion.
Robert - Working on design for the new data structures for the geometry editor. Dealing with small VisIt bugs.
Kasper - Looking at user interface for the Geometry Editor. Looking at different Geometry File formats.
Andrew - Adding IO selection functionality to Item wizards.
Greg - Working on Titan support in PTP.


Jay - Looking at data formats with Kasper.
Robert - Working on transparency and wireframes for mesh editor. Fixing VisIt bug with connecting after restarts.
Kasper - Looking at reading binary files.
Andrew - Looking at how to use project templates in more flexible way.


Greg - Working on support for Titan.
Robert - Working on Geometry Editor redesign, mergin transparency branch with next for EAVP, fixing VisIt bug.
Kasper - Looking at how to import step and iges files into ICE.


Robert - Working on design for rendered objects in Geometry Editor. Trying to fix VisIt bugs.
Kasper - Create an XText STL project using the new model.


Andrew - Getting travel set up. Putting in a way to add default settings for new ICE items.
Robert - Working on tests for EMF generated classes for Geometry refactor. Testing FENICS read/parse times vs proposed ICE xml mesh formate.
Kasper - Integrating XText into new model, and writing tests for parser.


Andrew - Working on allowing data sets for new item projects.
Robert - Starting on implementations for JavaFX classes of geometry editor refactor from EMF model.
Kasper - Documenting iges file format.


Robert - Working on TriangleMehes for pre-defined shape types.
Kasper - Mergin STL Import stuff into refactor branch.


Robert - Working on converting lists of Triangles into TriangleMeshes for the MesheCache. Finishing up meshes for pre-defined shape types.
Kasper - Testing .iges importers and finishing up documentation.


Greg - Working on Titan compatibility.
Andrew - Making new UI section for PDE templating infrastructure.
Robert - Finishing up data types for geometry refactor. Begining to insert new data types into geometry editor.
Kasper - Adding editor support for .stl files. Working on getting changes merged into jay/model branch of official repo.


Jay - Random architectural work.
Andrew - Fixing final bugs on data set option. Testing and getting that put out.
Robert - Starting on refactor to get geometry editor to use new data types.
Kasper - Working on grammar for .iges.


Jay - Random odd jobs and project planning.
Robert - Starting with replacing the geometry editor data types with the new ones form EMF.
Kasper - Writing custom Xtext lexer for .iges.


Robert - Starting with replacing the geometry editor data types with the new ones form EMF.
Kasper - Working on patching the .iges latex documentation.


Jay - Working with EMF Forms.
Greg - Getting ICE working on NEON.
Andrew - Running through the new item builder tutorial. Possibly adding more IO services for common file formats. Doing write up of current item builder.
Robert - Working on geometry editor refactor for new EMF data types.
Kasper - Working .iges parser.


Andrew - Working on document for previous work.
Robert - Refactoring data structures for geometry editor to create lists of triangles themselves.
Kasper - Documenting work on Xtext and .iges. Looking into Eclipse editor features.


Jay - Working on LDRD proposals.
Greg - Working on LDRD proposals.
Robert - Working on geometry editor refactor, transformation and shape tree views.
Kasper - Performance analysis and the .iges xText presentation.

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