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ICE July 2016 Status Meetings


Robert - Working on geometry editor refactor.
Kasper - Looking at geometry code to see how to incorporate .iges importing.


Andrew - Updating tutorial.
Robert - Finishing up bugs for refactored geometry editor.


Greg - Getting the neon build of ICE working.
Robert - Finishing updating tests for the geometry editor.


Greg - Working on tutorial. Committed new branch with neon branch.
Robert - Working on new data types for plant view.


Alex - Responding to ICE dev email regarding MOOSE. Testing the new build.
Greg - Working on neon build.
Andrew - Working on testing new build. Running through XSEDE tutorial. Writing more documentation.
Robert - Testing out Gordon/Stampede for tutorial. Some work on plant view data structure update. Getting jay/model ready to merge with next.
Kasper - Merging Xtext code with jay/model. Working on bug where the xtext cannot import existing EMF model.


Alex - New developer menu action to launch new instance of ICE with new plugins.
Greg - Fixing problems for XSEDE tutorial.
Robert - Working on rechecking tutorial materials for Visualization. Testing XSEDE machine connections.
Kasper - Putting file conversion stuff into jay/model.


Alex - Finishing local Git import action.
Greg - Finishing up notes from tutorial walkthrough.
Andrew -
Robert - Working on XSEDE tutoprial, trying to get VisIt launching on remote machines for tutorial.
Kasper - Finishing STL bug. Creating custom import for Geometry Editors for .stl files.


Alex - Working on finalizing XSEDE tutorial.
Greg - Working on finalizing XSEDE tutorial.
Robert - Working on finalizing XSEDE tutorial.
Kasper - Working on finalizing XSEDE tutorial. Adding slides for file conversion.


Kasper - Looking into small bugs with geometry refactor.


Andrew- Fixing low key bugs in the emails from last week.
Kasper - Working on bugs with new geometry editor.


Jay - Working with Kasper and Robert on visualization.
Robert - Working on geometry editor bugs.
Kasper - Working on geometry editor bugs.


Robert - Improving geometry editor.
Kasper - Adding zoom to fit function for Geometry Editor.


Jay - Helping Robert and Kasper, writing papers.
Robert - Improving geometry editor.
Kasper - Writing Xtext parser for the .obj file format and testing it.


Robert - Writing documentation for using EAVP services in other projects. Handling merge for line return issues for initial January commit. Improving the Geometry Editor.
Kasper - Working on a material file import for .obj files. Fixing .stl bug.

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