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ICE January 2016 Status Meetings


Robert - Trying aworking build of refactored branch and maybe start working plant view for javafx
Ksenia - Learning Java Skills and ICE debugging.
Taylor - Data analysis from the usability study.
Andrew - Working on bug with package hierarchy in project generation bundles.


Robert - Working on seperateing base and jme3 implementations of the plant view and on the JavaFX implementation.
Ksenia - Working with ICE developer tutorials.
Taylor - Data analysis from the usability study, discussing different strategies with Jay.
Andrew - Designing parser generator bundle.


Robert - Working on seperateing base and jme3 implementations of the plant view and on the JavaFX implementation.
Ksenia - Working on Java skills
Taylor - Continuing data analysis for different demographics.


Robert - Debugging the Plant View mesh data structures.
Taylor - Preparing report on data analysis.
Hari - Updating VisIt Java client and doing bug fixes for ICE repo. Install feature for nightly releases on ICE website.


Robert - Debugging data structure for the plant view.
Andrew - Working on Antler input file generator.


Robert - Taking out all dependencies from viz bundles to ICE. Debugging conversion of plant view to new data structures.
Taylor - Working on ORAU training, setting up workspace to update website and sonarqube.
Andrew - Continuing to build Antlr grammer generators.


Robert - Finishing up graphical problems with the Plant View, testing heat exchanger view.
Taylor - Continuing with sonarqube and website maintenance.
Hari - Conference this week, and working on bugs in client.


Alex - Working on the Entry refactor.
Ksenia - Working on finding bugs, going over wiki articles like developer guidelines.
Robert - Finished the Plant view. Now working on the build working with JavaFX plugins, and adding more tests.
Taylor - Getting sonarqube built and code coverage.


Jay - Working on the dynamic UI enhancements and reflectivity bundles.
Alex - Working on IEntry refactor and fixes bugs.
Taylor - Working on ICE build issue on Mac workstation.
Robert - Fixing issue with JavaFX classes not loading in build.
Andrew - Researching XText for EBNF. Composing a briefing on research done.


Robert - Working on tests and getting Mac build working.
Taylor - Working on ICE build issue on Mac workstation.


Robert - Trying get the javafx loaded in product.
Taylor - Resolving issues on Linux workspace and build.
Andrew - Extend code generator.


Alex - Working on Docker support for the Joblauncher.
Robert - Working on getting javafx classes loaded in product.
Taylor - Got the SonarQube server going. Fixed one blocker issue dealing with hashcode method. Researching test coverage tools.
Andrew - Researching XText to Xtend workflow for generating ICE Datastructures.


Robert - Finishing up the JavaFX refractor branch build.
Taylor - Trying to figure out how to use JaCoCo maven plugin for test code coverage.
Hari - Working on Eclipse issues and preparing for Eclipse tutorial.


Robert - Finishing up JavaFX branch.
Taylor - Trying to get JaCoCo to create a single report instead of one per bundle.
Hari - Merging new java client with next.
Ksenyia - Working on bugs.
Andrew - Fixing bug on project generation.

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