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ICE February 2016 Status Meetings


Jay - Follow up on tutorial planning.
Robert - Trying to get Linux build working with JavaFX.
Taylor - Getting JaCoCo Maven plugin to create an aggregate report for test coverage.
Andrew - Learning how to convert XText output to Java.


Robert - Trying to get JavaFX working on the Linux build.
Taylor - Continuing to try to resolve issues with the JaCoCo Maven plugin.
Andrew - Working on converting XText output to Java.


Jay - Working on the JavaFX.
Taylor - Resolving build issues with Jacoco.
Robert - Writing tests for the UnifiedVizRefactor_noReactor branch.


Jay - Reflectivity bundles and dynamic UI updates
Taylor - Working on JaCoCo plugins
Robert - Writing tests for JavaFx branch and getting driver support for trying to get Eclipse to run a web browser
Ksenia - Working with GitHub, trying to do the first change and commit


Alex - Implementing job launcher docker support in ICE.
Robert - Working on tutorial and slides for Eclipsecon NA.


Robert - Working on tutorial and slides for Eclipsecon NA.


Robert - Working on tutorial, trying out Sopot's ICE in Broadway using Docker code.
Taylor - Trying to get the JaCoCo Maven plugin working.
Ksenia - Working on bug with the wrong message appearing for Mac when visualization connections fail.


Ksenia - Trying to find and fix another bug.
Taylor - Reviewing Robert's tutorial materials.
Robert - Finished EclipseCon speaker pitch video, working with Taylor on tutorial, and writing tests for JavaFX.


Taylor - Looking at tutorial stuff.
Robert - Writing tests for javafx bundles.
Alex - Fixing bugs, specifically next build issues, fixing MOOSE tree generation, ensuring Ice Updater is working for MOOSE, welcoming Greg Watson.
Andrew - Working on resolution issues for JavaFX classes and EclipseCon tutorial material.


Jay - Merging branches and fixing build bugs. Implementing Reflectivity actions. Meeting on ECNA.
Alex - Fixing various Moose bugs and Next product build bug. Working on Docker-related tasks for ECNA16.
Robert - Finishing up JavaFX plugin tests. Fixing various bugs related to mesh editor. Updating wiki articles.
Taylor - Working on Visualization perspective tutorial wiki.
Greg - Working on getting ICE built and running, working on a new ICE App Icon.
Andrew - Fixing bugs in the project generation branch, working on overall simplifications, ECNA tutorial.


Alex - Extending job launcher to support launching applications in a docker container. and merged Entry refactor.
Robert - Working on Mesh Editor improvements/bug fixes and updating its tutorial.
Taylor - Looking at VisIt Python scripts for tutorial, and reviewing wiki articles.
Ksenia - Working on bug with VisIt connection when re-opening previous connection.
Andrew - Fixing bugs in the project generation branch, working on overall simplifications, ECNA tutorial.


Jay - Working on visualization plugins and preparing EAVP IC.
Robert - Extended the PlotEditor to provide extra tabs. Adding bug fixes to mesh editor.
Taylor - Continuing to review and edit wiki articles and tutorials.
Greg - Updated target version numbers to 0.0.0.
Ksenia - Working on bug with VisIt connection.
Andrew - Integrating parser generator into project generation.


Robert - Improvements to EAVP code based on code review feedback.
Taylor - Reviewing wiki articles.
Andrew - Working on parser generator item.


Robert - Improvements to EAVP code based on code review feedback and working on Mesh Editor's HUD.
Taylor - Reviewing wiki articles.
Andrew - Fixing bugs with item generation process.
Greg - Working on tutorial


Jay - Working reflectivity updates and dynamic ui pieces.
Greg - Working on the icons. Getting the build going. Working on tutorial slides.
Andrew - Smoothing out project gen bugs. Finishing parser gen example.
Taylor - Reviewing wiki content.
Ksenia - Hunting for bugs.
Robert - Fixing missing visualization package tests. HUD for the mesh editor. Restructuring EAVP packages.
Alex - LaTeX stuff; writing dev menu tutorial. Looking at dev menu wizard.


Jay - finishing up the dynamic UI extensions tutorial.
Ksenia - Working on debugging and fixing VisIt stuff. Testing VisIt.
Taylor - Searching for bugs and filing reports.
Andrew - Writing new project generation tutorial.
Greg - Working on the EASE tutorial.
Robert - Making EAVP code corrections. Working on viz tutorial.
Alex - Looking at Jersey version bug. Merging Docker job launcher.

Greg - Work on tutorial for EASE.
Andrew - Working on parser generator issues with creating XText project.
Taylor - Trying to test VisIt tools on the three platforms.
Robert - Working on visualization tutorial.
Hari -Working on window ID bug.

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