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ICE February 2014 Status Meetings


Dasha starts back today!
Jay - Working on the data structures.
Anna - Writing PROTEUS wiki article. Taking a stab at the highlight article conclusion. Scripting SFR YouTube video.
Jordan - Dealing with MeshComponent Identifiable operations.
Ronnie - Trying to get CSVVectorIterator working for K-Means in Mahout.


Jay - Meeting with Dasha.
Taylor - Reviewing with Jordan, starting on Eclipse views for meshes.
Ronnie - Trying to get CSVVectorIterator working for K-Means in Mahout.
Dasha - Working on expo. Loading ICE on the laptop.
Jordan - Reviewing with Taylor, starting on JME3 engine for meshes.
Anna - Checking out PROTEUS bundle builds in dev version, working on wiki article and YouTube video.


Taylor - Debugging the TrackBall in VisIt prototype.
Ronnie - Contacting IT about RHEL desktop error spammage, installing Hadoop and Mahout on laptop, getting CSVVectorIterator working for K-Means in Mahout.
Anna - Scripting the new SFR YouTube video.
Dasha - Reviewing and revising the ICE user/developer tutorials on the wiki.
Jordan - Working on jME3 SimpleApplication to get the grid, player, and camera working.


Anna - Scripting the new SFR YouTube video, recording ICE scenes on desktop, looking into Nek5000 builder and launcher.
Jordan - Finishing up with initial jME3 mesh scene, starting on integrating the view and controller with the model (MeshComponent).
Taylor - Working on TrackBall in VisIt prototype and fixing bugs, working on MeshEditor prototype views.
Ronnie - Getting CSVVectorIterator working for K-Means in Mahout.
Dasha - Progressing to latter parts of ICE user/developer wiki articles, making revisions and updates.


Dasha - Updating Item tutorials.
Ronnie - Trying to figure out Mahout Dictionary problems.
Taylor - Working on the MeshEditor views, specifically toolbars.
Anna - Working on the YouTube video. Working on SHARP components.


Jay - Getting Marmot running on the dev machine. Working on the expo flyer.
Dasha - Finishing up the JobLauncher tutorial. Finishing up the flyer.
Jordan - Modeling out the MVC parts of the JME3 meshing tools.
Taylor - Working on the VisIt widget trackball.
Ronnie - Emailing the Mahout list to try to figure out the problems.
Anna - Restructuring the PROTEUS input file. Recording a new segment for the video.


Jay - Getting Marmot running on the dev machine. Finishing up modified ICEObject.
Taylor - Working on zoom stuff for VisIt plugin. Picking up MeshEditor stuff later in the day.
Ronnie - Trying to get feedback from the Mahout list.
Anna - Fixing ArrayList<DataComponent> problem for PROTEUS bundle. Recording YouTube.
Dasha - Starting on part four of the tutorial.
Jordan - Recording the YouTube video with Anna. Finishing up modeling for JME3 pieces.


Jay - Getting Marmot. Adding disposal listeners to unregister IUpdateableListeners from Entries. Adding MeshComponent and BatteryComponent to the Visitor interface.
Jordan - Working on tests, working on model for JME3 parts.
Dasha - Revising part three of the tutorials and doing part four.
Ronnie - Trying to get Lucene working with Mahout.
Taylor - Working on MeshEditor toolbar.


Jordan - Bug fixing for the Mesh Data Structures, starting jME3 MVC implementation.
Ronnie - Trying to get Lucene working with Mahout, getting sequence files processed properly.
Dasha - Fixing errors in the demo plugin, looking at different PROTEUS input files for tutorial.


Jay - Getting Marmot and making the plugins. Doing some stuff related to Eclipse Foundation membership.
Anna - Fixing PROTEUS model builder form. Re-recording that bit of video.
Taylor - Working on the Mesh Editor UI.
Jordan - Fixing id bugs, starting on JME3 MVC code.
Dasha - Following hunches to fix the demo plugin.
Ronnie - Trying to get Lucene working with Mahout.


Jay - Looking at tests with Anna. Still trying to get Marmot.
Anna - Fixing PROTEUS tests, filming pieces of the video.
Ronnie - Still having trouble getting Lucene to put data into sequence files.
Dasha - Working on model plugin tutorial, fixing JAXB bug in tutorial code.
Taylor - Working on the MeshEditor page toolbars.
Jordan - Working on the MVC code for the mesh editor.


Jay - Still trying to get Marmot. Sharing some Nek5000 plugin design ideas with Anna.
Jordan - Updating models after code changes for JME3 MVC stuff. Getting a handle on different types of user interactions.
Taylor - Working on the MeshEditor UI pieces. Trying to get stuff working on his laptop for the trip next week.
Dasha - Distributing more flyers, "has to make friends" at other places across the site to distribute flyers, working on the tutorials.
Ronnie - Trying to use alternative script for Mahout clustering.
Anna - Starting Nek5000 parser and emitter.


Jay - Compiling Marmot today, meeting with Matthew Wang.
Dasha - Working on model tutorial.
Anna - Doing tar for ANL trip, working on the PROTEUS reader and writer.
Ronnie - Tracking where Mahout parses the data, meeting with Jay, working on CSV files script.
Taylor - Trying to get his Mac usable for next week, working on the Mesh Editor views.


Jay - Testing Marmot launcher, testing Marmot in the MOOSE builder.
Dasha - Working on model tutorial, tracking down bugs.
Anna - Working on creating MeshComponents in the Nek reader.
Jordan - Working with Anna on the Nek reader.
Taylor - Working on getting MeshComponents reflected in the mesh editor views.


Jay - Updating the TableComponent to store selected rows, modifying the JobLauncher to publish the hosts table.
Ronnie - Running test data through Mahout, creating graphs from the data.
Dasha - Adding more to the model wiki page and dealing with XML errors.
Jordan - Adding the boundary conditions to the MeshComponent.
Anna - Working on reading in boundary conditions into the MeshComponent.
Taylor - Working on the MeshElementTreeView and ICEMeshPage listeners.


Jay - Modifying the JobLauncher to publish the hosts table.
Dasha - Adding more to the model wiki page and dealing with XML errors.
Ronnie - Creating plots from his data.
Jordan - Adding boundary conditions to Polygons/elements, testing NekReader in MeshApplication.
Taylor - Working on getting selections in the MeshElementTreeView reflected in the Properties view.
Anna - Assigning boundary conditions to Polygons.


Jordan - Preparing for today's presentation.
Anna - Finishing up the NekReader.
Taylor - Continuing work on the mesh editor Properties view.


Jay - Finishing JobLauncher updates, writing Marmot deliverable report.
Ronnie - Writing up a short report on clustering with Mahout. Looking into additional Mahout problems.
Dasha - Working on the demo plugin.
Jordan - Adding a new LWR test package, looking into the PreNek UI.
Taylor - Trying to get the Properties view populated for Edge and Vertex selections, looking into the PreNek UI.

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