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ICE Dev Team

The League of Extraordinary Committers

We are a small team from the US National Lab system.

Jay Jay Billings (ORNL) - Warchief, Lead Architect and Developer

Kasper Gammeltoft (ORNL, GT) - Developer

Alex McCaskey (ORNL) - Developer, Team Trainer

Robert Smith (ORNL) - Developer

Greg Watson (ORNL) - Developer

The League of Extraordinary Contributors

The following people have made contributions to Eclipse ICE through pull requests.

Jonah Graham (KichwaKoders) - Various clean up and refactoring tasks.

Sebastien Jourdain (Kitware) - Paraview Client

JiSoo Kim (Purdue) - UI and extension point refactors.

Hari Krishnan (LBNL) - VisIt Plugin and Widget Developer

Menghan Li (Purdue) - UI and extension point refactors.

Fangzhou Lin (Purdue) - UI and extension point refactors.

Tony McCrary (L33tLabs) - JavaFX visualization code

Nick Stanish (Purdue) - UI and extension point refactors.

Scott Wittenberg (Kitware) - Paraview Client

Former Members

The following list of people were once members of our merry band and may join us again in the future.

Taylor Patterson (ORNL) - Developer

Andrew Bennett (ORNL) - Developer

Dasha Gorin (ORNL) - Undergrad Student, The Temp

Jordan Deyton (ORNL) - Developer

Anna Wojtowicz (ORNL) - Developer

Kasper Gammeltoft (ORNL) - Intern

Erica Grant (ORNL) - Intern

Elizabeth Piersall (ORNL) - Intern

Members Before Eclipse

The following people left the team before it joined the Eclipse Foundation.

  • David E. Bernholdt (ORNL) - Project Manager
  • John M. Hetrick III (IBM Rational) - Architect, Tester and IT Specialist
  • Tim Bohn (IBM Rational) - Architect, Tester and IT Specialist
  • Adrian Sanchez (UChicago) - Developer
  • Allison Koenecke (MIT) - Developer
  • Eric J. Lingerfelt (ORNL) - Developer
  • Neeti Pokhriyal (ORNL) - Developer
  • Mike Guidry (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Greg Lyon (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Forest Hull (ORNL) - Developer
  • Andrew Belt (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Ronald Allen (ORNL & UT) - Graduate Student

How we give credit

Contribution credit is given to the people who author files, provide updates or maintain the code. Design credit is given where it is due, but in all but a few cases, Jay Jay Billings has designed the vast majority of systems in ICE. Because Jay has such a large claim on the design, if a file is rewritten, we allow an original author's name to be removed because it normally means that there is a significant change to the API even if the class name hasn't changed. (The case of removing an author's name from a file is done on a case by case basis.)

We also try to give credit by including people on papers, talks and demos. The exact level of credit that should be given is determined on a case-by-case basis, but normally, we try to give the highest amount of credit possible and justify why people should be included on the highest level artifact possible.

All current contributors are tracked automatically by the Eclipse Foundation using Git logs. Those that contributed before the initial contribution - historical contributors - are listed in the file and noted in the IP review of the Initial Contribution. We also give credit to subject matter experts and people who report bugs but is somewhat less formal. Contributions are recorded in the automated report that is published with each release. Current and historical contributors are tracked by GitHub and, too.

Anyone who has a question about how credit is granted should email Jay Jay Billings, the project lead, directly at <at> gmail <dot> com or open up a bug report at and assign it to Jay.

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