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ICE April 2015 Status Meetings


Jay - Fixing memory allocation and other bugs in tile generation routine.
Taylor - Working on Morae setup, including test definition and instructions.
Anna - Working on adding a new toolbar to the ICEResourcePage to enable plot selections.
Hari - Setting up new build machines.


Jordan - Working on task plan for MOOSE work. Fixing bugs with embedded resource page VisIt connection.
Anna - Implementing file download limit setting for JobLauncher.
Taylor - Updating documentation and Morae setups from work from last Thursday.
Andrew - Fixing the PROTEUSModel tests for the Form. Working on integrating new INI IO interfaces.


Jordan Working on moving moose app selection to the ICEFormEditor. Working through a few bugs with that.
Anna - Fixing the download size bug. Adding size arg to maven build.
Taylor - Updating documents reviewed by Jay. Working on a good Nek 3D example problem.
Andrew - Implementing the templating engine for the INI Reader.


Jay - Debugging tile generation routine.
Jordan - Fixing VisItVizService and ResourcePage in the MOOSEModelBuilder.
Anna - Fixing the download size bug. Returning to the toolbar.
Taylor - Finding a good 3d Nek example.
Andrew - Working on INI templating engine.


Anna - Working on custom app executables in MOOSE Launcher.
Jordan - Working on context menus in the ICEResourcePage's grid of IPlots.
Taylor - Ironing out Nek examples. Working on IRB application.


Jay - Finishing another Reflectivity math routine. One more remaining.
Jordan - Working on context menus for the ICEResourcePage. Working on final plots grabbing extra vertical space if available.
Anna - Finishing the MOOSE custom app Entry. Implementing double-click functionality for ICEResources.
Taylor - Editing the IRB application after recent reviews. Testing solution for key identity file for Joblaucher.
Andrew - Working on INIReader form to use DataComponents.
Alex - Researching programmatically invoking EGit tools for 'fork the stork' functionality.


Alex - Setup ICE to work with MOOSE's 'Fork the Stork' Github functionality.
Jordan - Fixing bugs in CSVPlot and VisitPlot regarding plot type category.
Anna - Resolving build issues to merge custom moose launcher branch.
Taylor - Editing the IRB application after recent reviews and supplemental forms. Testing solution for key identity file for Joblaucher.


Jay - Investigating Nattable, preparing for Monday's demo.
Anna - Addressing various MOOSEModel bugs. Talking with Jay about MOOSE app selection bug.
Jordan - Fixing VisIt bugs related to composites and hooking it up to the context menu in the resource page.
Taylor - Editing HCI docs, meeting with Jay to review them. Trying to test out identity file fix.


Alex - Working on python code to post http messages back to the ICE Core.
Taylor - Adding user instructions in Morae, researching ways to administer the NASA TLX questionnaire.
Jordan - Fixing context menus for the VisIt plot. Merging into master.
Andrew - Working on ITemplateReader, improving tests for ProteusModel and INIReader.


Jay - Reviewing the Reflectivity code with the Reflectivity team.
Taylor - Starting to write publication materials.
Anna - Looking into widget disposed bugs that occur during MooseLauncher launch.
Jordan - Fixing bugs in the ResourcePage and MooseModel. Adding 'Add/Remove Series' to context menu for CSV Plot. Looking into updater.


Alex - Working on 'Fork the Stork' CDT functionality for adding include paths and new Kernel stub code.
Taylor - Working on writing publication materials.
Anna - Working on FileEntry not redrawing every time.
Jordan - Fixing CSVPlot bugs related to plotting certain series.


Alex - Fixing bug in the Core related to NullPointerException in the setHttpService method. Finished the python connection script.
Jordan - Working on integrating Peacock IO into python updater script.
Anna - Working on the FileEntry redrew bug.
Taylor - Working on writing up publication materials.
Andrew - Researching ProteusLauncher for updates.


Alex - Added the ability to right click a moose application project and select New > MOOSE Object > Kernel to add a new Kernel subclass.
Jordan - Working on the tutorial documentation for visualizations.
Anna - Working on installation instructions wiki.
Taylor - Working on more writing.


Alex - Finished up the MOOSE tutorial PDF.
Taylor - Writing documentation. Submitting IRB.
Jordan - Working on the Peacock IO classes, testing latest in nightly MOOSE stuff.
Anna - Adding a Control Decoration to EntryComposite.
Andrew - Working on Proteus plugin tests.


Taylor - Working on documentation and IRB submission.
Anna - Fixing a bug found in the EntryComposite related to entry value not being set correctly. Continuing Entry decoration.
Jordan - Working on bug related to chain of command viz services. Fixing other bugs found, testing out for demo.
Hari - Working on ICE build on Windows.


Andrew - Working on pulling out general IPS functionality from VIBE plugins.
Taylor - Writing publication and related activities.
Jordan - Running tests for the VizService classes, fixing bugs.
Anna - Looking into MOOSELauncher bugs related to the File Entries.

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