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There is an ongoing effort to connect ICE to different types of Virtual Reality environments in easy to use and intuitive ways. Some of that work is documented here.

Syzygy Plug-in

We are developing a Syzygy Plug-in that will render data used by ICE in a cave (VR, not stone!).

Syzygy fails to build out of the box on 64-bit Fedora 17. There are some problems:

  • The szgexternal-1.3 distribution is compiled in 32-bit, not 64-bit, which is a problem on most modern machines. This is an optional package, so it can be skipped.
  • The line #include <string.h> must be added to src/languages/arBuffer.h
  • libGL must be added to the libraries listed in build/make/Makefile.varslinux. This can be done properly by commenting out lines 59 and 62 so that -lGL is passed to the linker after -lGLU.

Syzygy depends on VRPN, optionally. VRPN is easy to build with scratch because it uses CMake. Most people will want to pass


to build with GPM support on Linux.

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