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IAM Project Builder

The builder MavenIncrementalBuilder receives a request for building. The type of the request can be

  • AUTO_BUILD or INCREMENTAL_BUILD: we need to check what has changed
  • CLEAN_BUILD or FULL_BUILD: no deltas, rebuild everything (not sure if there are differences between clean and full)

At some point the build is redirected to all the IBuilderDelegate objects configured

  • MavenJdtBuilderDelegate
  • ResourceBuilderDelegate

Incremental build

The pom is checked for modifications in handlePomUpdatesIfNeeded

  • if pom was not stored, then go to handlePomReplace
  • else check for changes in the content of the pom with handlePomChange

The delegates are called with onResourceChange

Full build

The delegates are called with onFullBuild

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