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IAM Environment

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IAM Development Environment

Follow these instructions to get your development environment up and running.

Subversion configuration

Configure your subversion client to automatically add the subversion properties to the new files you create by setting enable-auto-props = yes

Check the SVN config file

Development conventions

See this page for development conventions, such as style and standard headers.

Setup your Execution Environment

IAM uses the J2SE-15 Execution Environment for its JRE Library references, launchers, and testing.

  1. Go check your Execution environment.
    Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs > Execution Environment > J2SE-1.5 and ensure that there is a compatible JRE present. A "Perfect Match" would be better.
  2. If you don't have a perfect match, add a Java 1.5 JRE to your 'Installed JREs' listing. Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs

Target platform

There is a wiki page with instructions for setting up the target platform for building IAM

Getting the source code

Instructions on this page.

Finishing touch

At this point your code might contain compiler errors. These are caused by the embedder jars not being in the build path (the embedder feature was downloaded when setting up your target platform.

To fix the problems go to the Plugins view (Ctrl+3 Plugins or go to the Plug-in Development Perspective). Find the 'org.apache.maven.embedder plug-in and import it as binary project with linked content.


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