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IAM Building

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IAM Development Environment

Follow these instructions to get your development environment up and running.

Setup environment

Follow the instructions at [IAM_Environment] to set up the environment

Subversion configuration

PDE Build ships with CVS support, but not SVN. You will need to install the SVN support from Subversive update site.

To build IAM using PDE on the Eclipse build server you need shell access first. Ask the project leads if you really need it.

Currently, these committers have shell access:

  • Abel Muiño
  • Joakim Erdfelt

Set up

Before starting, we need java 5 on our path:

export PATH=/opt/ibm/ibm-java-jdk-ppc-60/bin/:$PATH

Go to IAM work directory

cd /shared/technology/iam/builds/

Initial set up

Usually, you'll be able to just update the two build projects:

svn update dev-tools
svn update pde-build

But if you need to start fresh, check out the projects from svn:

svn co
svn co

... and prepare the builder Eclipse ...

tar xzvf /home/data/httpd/

./eclipse/eclipse -nosplash -consolelog \
  -application \
  -metadataRepository \
  -artifactRepository \
  -installIU \
  -profileProperties org.eclipse.update.install.features=true

Note: Anonymous http access is used. File access to the svn repo is also available.

Rebuild the target platform

(This might not be needed if there are no updates to the target platform)

cd dev-tools

Point the ant script to the base Eclipse SDK (available locally) by creating a `` file with this content:


Launch the ant script

ant -f iam-prep-target-platform.xml reset download

TODO: Most of the components for the target platform are locally available... need to figure a portable way to take advantage of that. amuino.

Build IAM

cd pde-build

Launch the build script


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