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I49 Release Notes


Trivial Defect: 2
Minor Defect: 7
Normal Defects: 11
Enhancements: 16
Total: 36

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 49:

Easy discovery of annotation inconsistencies (Bugzilla 320070)
Annotation framework now indicates inconsistencies and dangling annotations in Problems view.

Dangling annotations problems.png

Multiple XML parsers are used (Bugzilla 228545)
There were two XML parsers being used in Tigerstripe. For the sake of consistency, the code was refactored to use Dom4J.

Audit Instance diagram support (Bugzilla 221309)
Diagram audits for Instance diagrams is now supported.

Change all references of Tigerstripe Plugin Project to Tigerstripe Generator Plug-in Project (Bugzilla 319402)
This enhancement was already resolved where all instances of "Tigerstripe Plugin" were replaced by "Tigerstripe Generator" to simplify things for users.

Display AssociationEnds in Detailed Editor (Bugzilla 283138)
This was an old enhancement that had been resolved before, but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Artifacts' names incoherently cached (Bugzilla 330565)
This defect caused Tigerstripe's caching mechanism to misbehave in certain cases when generation was executed. As a result, stale data was fed into generators, which resulted in invalid output.

Disabling artifacts in profile has variable impact (Bugzilla 219575)
This was an old issue related to disabling artifacts in profiles. Issue is no longer reproducible in latest version of Tigerstripe.

Deploy profile does not refresh the explorer (Bugzilla 300370)
This issue related to Tigerstripe Explorer not getting updated after a new profile was deployed. Specifically, it related to Stereotype information not getting update in Tigerstripe Explorer.

Stereotypes in explorer.png

Some exceptions are not reported to the Eclipse Error Log (Bugzilla 337128)
There were certain cases where exceptions were not being logged in Eclipse's Error log view. This limitation arose from the requirement to use Tigerstripe in a headless environment. The code now properly checks to see if the Error Log is available. If so, it logs the messages as expected.

Some TS wizards are repeated twice in context menu (Bugzilla 373446)
This defect fixed the issue where some wizards were repeated twice and facet wizard was not displayed when user right clicked on a regular folder in a TS project.

Wizard issue.png

Diagram audit - internal pointer file names (Bugzilla 221468)
Diagram audits now check and fix any issues related to incorrect filenames.

Diagram audit menu.png

Audit result.png

Issues with enabling/disabling references under dependencies (Bugzilla 373164)
In certain cases enabling/disabling references under dependencies would not work as expected. Please see defect description for more details.

Ts dep.png

Additional Requests for Audit/Sync diagrams (Bugzilla 226387)
This issue related to bugzilla#221468 and requested additional checks for diagram audits.

The bug scrubbing session in this iteration resulted in the following changes. Please see each defect for more details:

Defects marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 230177 - Class diagram: Visualize an association between superclasses
Bugzilla 350009 - WikiText and Annotations item in Associations link in Class Diagram
Bugzilla 240205 - Instance diagram: should not be allowed to instantiate abstract types
Bugzilla 337800 - At the creation new Font Annotation configuration of existing font is changed
Bugzilla 337796 - Two identical annotations "Color" can be added in the Annotations Property View
Bugzilla 238413 - IArgument does not implement IModelComponent

Defects marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 217421 - "Recover" profile from active session
Bugzilla 222533 - Allow filtering of the Explorer view
Bugzilla 320069 - Enable and Disable a set of annotations
Bugzilla 237052 - Allow users to change package name during import of UML
Bugzilla 240280 - Allow importing from XMI and not just UML
Bugzilla 300703 - Refactor "Model Refactoring Wizard" code for better reuse and realignment
Bugzilla 223400 - Hyperlink between diagrams
Bugzilla 231339 - Configuring velocity run time logger location and logger system class
Bugzilla 333422 - Allow multiple (graphical representation) occurances of an artifact in class diagram
Bugzilla 289142 - Automated Support for Tigerstripe Versioning
Bugzilla 236285 - Audit rules have some inconsistency
Bugzilla 236273 - Audit messages formats are inconsistent
Bugzilla 225729 - Stereotypes of the same name in different profiles get deleted
Bugzilla 290371 - Exceptions artefact 'extends' field always defaults to java.lang.Exception
Bugzilla 216139 - isValidAttribute method allows an invalid Attrbute to pass
Bugzilla 249624 - Add packages to the class and instance diagrams
Bugzilla 226856 - Default Line colour and undo don't restore correctly

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