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I48 Release Notes


Trivial Defect: 1
Minor Defect: 3
Normal Defects: 25
Enhancements: 10
Total: 39

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 48:

Allow filtration when adding related artifacts in a class diagram (Bugzilla 258285)
The standard 'Add Related Artifacts' dialog has been converted to a wizard so users can indicate exactly which artifacts they'd like to add to their diagram.

Add related artifacts menu.png

Add related artifact1a.png

Add related artifact2.png

Changes to model within active facet are not taken into account in facet (Bugzillas 223440, 251855)
Updates to an active facet now automatically modify the list of filtered artifacts.

Automatic conversion of an Association Class to an Entity plus associations (Bugzilla 327502)
An Association Class can now easily be converted to an Entity plus two associations and vice versa. This is similar to other conversion mechanisms provided in Tigerstripe where users can convert an Entity to a Datatype and Associations to Association Classes.

Convert to association class.png     Convert to entities associations.png

Support facet scoped export to a project (Bugzilla 262652)
This wizard has already been contributed, but the corresponding enhancement was never closed. This export wizard allows users to export the content of one project into another as specified by a facet.

Facet scoped model export.png

Facet scoped model export2.png

Full stack trace is now captured in the Generate Result Dialog
When an error occurs at generation time, the full stack trace is now captured (including the cause of the exception):

Full stack trace.png

Support for complex annotation attributes (Bugzilla 359863)
This enhancement has already been fixed. The corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Support creation of association instances to interfaces (Bugzilla 239100)
Users can now create an association instance to interfaces. See images below for more details:

Class Diagram: Assocation instances class diagram.png

Instane Diagram: Association instances.png

Prevent users from adding empty patterns into facet scope (Bugzilla 371704)
Users were able to enter an empty pattern into a facet's scope. The fix for this defect prevents this from happening.

Facet scope.png

When artifact is deleted, auditor does not check return types of Query artifacts (Bugzilla 298975)
Query artifacts require an Entity return type. When a referenced Entity artifact was deleted, the corresponding Query artifact was not marked with an error.

Auditor does not identify missing artifact references on Query artifacts (Bugzilla 299120)
This defect was similar to bugzilla#298975 where the return type of a Query artifact was not being properly checked.

Export of Annotations as stereotypes need additional attribute in XML (Bugzilla 305933)
This defect caused issues when exporting a Tigerstripe project in XML format. The annotations were mistakenly marked as stereotypes, which isn't correct.

Problem exporting to UML (Bugzilla 282508)
This was an old issue which was fixed a while ago but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Different generation results depending on how facet is applied (Bugzilla 369895)
Within Tigerstripe, there are several ways of applying a Facet depending on the user's needs. This defect caused different generation results depending on how the facet was applied. After the fix, generation result is consistent regardless of how the facet is applied.

Argument type shows as null when cancelling out of argument type dialog (Bugzilla 371554)
There was a defect in the argument dialog where cancelling out of an argument's type would result in a 'null' type.

Argument type dialog.png

Facet changes do not automatically take affect for referenced modules (Bugzilla 371701)
When modifying facets, the changes would not automatically take affect for referenced modules.

Facet referenced project.png

Various issues with facets (Bugzillas 371573, 371578)
Several issues related to facets were resolved. Bugzilla#371573 was a problem where including packages in the facet scope would not work properly. Bugzilla#371578 was an issue where facets were not applied properly for referenced TS projects

Issues with Model Name vs. Model ID (Bugzillas 313251, 310049)
All Tigerstripe projects contain a model name as specified on the overview pane of their tigerstripe.xml file. A model ID was later added to give a unique fully qualified name to projects (this was required by the annotation framework). Unfortunately the introduction of model IDs caused a couple of issues as noted above. There were also confusion in the public APIs as well as backward compatibility issues with older projects, which didn't contain a model ID. These issues are now resolved.

Model name id.png

Adding annotation via context menu of elements (Bugzilla 230849)
This was an old issue which has already been resolved, but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed. It was regarding the addition of annotations via context menu of elements.

Error on first Query is removed when a second Query is added (Bugzilla 320772)
This was an issue where a problem marker was incorrectly removed after adding a Query artifact.

Primitive packages should not be displayed in their label (Bugzilla 373109)
This was a regression where the package type of primitives were displayed in the selection dialog.

In some cases rename wizard was not invoked when expected (Bugzilla 323060)
After an artifact has been created, the rename wizard should get triggered when user tries to rename the artifact. There was a particular use case where a direct edit was being performed as opposed to invoking the wizard.

Using wild card character in filter dialog doesn't work properly (Bugzilla 373028)
Contrary to the dialog description, the * wild card character did not wok as expected in artifact selection dialog.

Filter dialog.png

Problems with renaming values of a list attribute (Bugzilla 320055)
Renaming values of a list attribute for a stereotype attribute would not scroll to the appropriate section.

Directional associations between entities to association classes are not displayed as such in instance diagrams (Bugzilla 327718)
See defect description for more information.

TigerstripeM0GeneratorNature.configure not implemented (Bugzilla 256777)
The print out statements were replaced by todo statements.

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 241440 - Create Template Based Wizard & Remove others

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 235351 - Tool to find paths between pairs of classes
Bugzilla 239948 - Provide access to facet scope resolution functionality to Generators
Bugzilla 240158 - Documentation plugin should also generate pdf
Bugzilla 366132 - Method name differs before and after saving changes
Bugzilla 297490 - Facets of dependent projects are not considered
Bugzilla 247951 - Ordering of Collections Returned from APIs
Bugzilla 260080 - Use of toOSString vs. use of toPortableString
Bugzilla 298846 - Inconsistent messages from generate depending on how facet applied

Defect(s) marked as Duplicate:
Bugzilla 320068 - Use model information in annotations

Defect(s) marked as Works for Me:
Bugzilla 244018 - After switching off TigerstripeProjectAuditor still get audits running
Bugzilla 269479 - Non navigable association error hidden when fields are never read

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