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I47 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 6
Enhancements: 12
Total: 18

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 47:

Support copy/paste operation of Attributes, Methods, and Literals (Bugzillas 327248, 221442)
Copy/Paste operation is now supported for Attributes, Methods, and Literals. Users can invoke the operation from Tigerstripe Explorer, Artifact Editor, or Diagrams:

Copy paste diagram.png

Copy paste explorer.png

Copy paste editor.png

Operation can also be invoked using ctrl+c and ctrl+v shortcut keys.

Confirming removal of items on form editors (Bugzilla 320106)
When users attempt to remove any items from artifact editors, they're presented with a confirmation of whether or not they'd like to remove the item. Some users found this annoying and redundant, since the artifact is not modified until it's saved. The above enhancement introduces a 'Do not remind me again' option which allows users to turn off this dialog:

Deletion confirmation box.png

Users can enable/disable this dialog from Tigerstripe's preference page:

Perf page deletion reminder.png

Selecting an artifact from a referenced project when creating associations (Bugzilla 325142)
When users create an association in diagrams, they now have the option of dropping the association end in an empty section of the diagram and select an artifact from a list of references.

Menu association end.png

Rework the Explorer to remove Java PackageExplorer reliance (Bugzilla 309783)
This enhancement was resolved a while ago with the initiative to base Tigerstripe Explorer on the Common Navigation Framework (CNF).

Disalbe action bar from Diagrams (Bugzilla 222500)
This is an old enhancement that has already been resolved.

Allow for description or contextual help annotations (Bugzilla 306093)
This enhancement was resolved a while ago, but the corresponding bugzilla entry was never updated. Annotation descriptions are displayed in the annotation wizard dialog as displayed below:

Annotation wizard description.png

Modellers also have the option of specifying a description for their annotation parameters.

Removing a dependency in a diagram doesn't work (Bugzilla 322303)
This was an issue where removing a dependency from a diagram would not have any affect on the diagram, but the dependency would be removed from the corresponding artifact editors.

Remove from model.png

Dependency Diagrams should use correct notation (Bugzilla 339049)
This was a request by one of our users to use UML dependency arrows in Tigerstripe's dependency diagram page.

Dependency diagram arrows.png

New generator projects have unnecessary properties (Bugzilla 259623)
This was an old defect that had been resolved a while ago, but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Hiding annotations in diagram causes anchors for properties to detach (Bugzilla 241947)
This defect fixed an issue with hiding annotations from diagrams.

Issues with adding Association to class diagram (Bugzilla 369679)
In some cases dragging and dropping associations on class diagrams would not resolve the association ends properly.

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 250259 - Allow selection of custom / standard artifact creation tools based on perspective
Bugzilla 369891 - Abstract checkbox on Entity artifact are differs on "soucre" and "Overview" tabs

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 329718 - [Form Editor] User should be able to add annotations within artifact editor
Bugzilla 302307 - Allow soft delete in profiles
Bugzilla 263590 - Support for headless bulk import from xml
Bugzilla 226978 - Stderr and Stdout should be "capturable" during generation plugin runs.

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