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I46 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 6
Major Defects: 1
Enhancement: 3
Total: 10

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 46:

Support annotation-based exclusion for Facets (Bugzilla 366987)
Similar to stereotype-based exclusion, users can now specify annotation-based exclusion/inclusion in Tigerstripe Facets. This means users can exclude/include certain artifacts based on their annotation(s).

To leverage this feature, create a Facet > switch to 'Scope' tab > Look under 'Annotation Scope Details'.

Annotation based exclusion.png

Issues with adding artifact attributes (Bugzilla 368719)
This was a regression where attributes could not be properly added and renamed for an artifact. Adding multiple attributes and selecting one to rename it would automatically change user's selection.

Return value of stereotype is not displayed in editor (Bugzilla 320105)
This enhancement outlined a number of usability improvements to artifact editors that had already been implemented.

Do not support addition of stereotypes in referenced TS modules (Bugzilla 366988)
Since referenced Tigerstripe modules are read-only, user should not be allowed to add stereotypes to its artifacts. This action was disabled from Annotation Property view.

Stereotype disabled123.png

Moving attributes will not move its corresponding annotations (Bugzilla 367567)
Attributes that are moved from one artifact to another would not move their corresponding annotations. With this fix, the annotations are moved as well.

Entity in referenced project is not updated (Bugzilla 367568)
If Tigerstripe project A is referencing project B in the same workspace and user makes modifications to artifacts contained in project B, the references were not updated under project A. This defect resolves the issue and now properly updates the referenced artifacts.

Issue with finding source folder for a File Copy Rule (Bugzilla 365546)
There were some issues with certain paths specified for a Copy Rule, which are now resolved.

Copy rule.png

CopyRule should only issue a warning if Source Dir does not exist (Bugzilla 367979)
This was a request by one of our users to issue a warning instead of an error when source folder did not exist for a Copy Rule. The idea is that Copy Rule should apply to certain projects and not to others.

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 367272 - Opened editors are closed when I convert Association Class

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 251850 - Need to be able to specify annotation patterns

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