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I44 Release Notes


Trivial Defect: 1
Minor Defects: 5
Normal Defects: 37
Major Defects: 2
Enhancement: 4
Total: 49

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 44:

Double click on artifacts in diagrams to open their associated editor (Bugzilla 329647)
Double clicking on an artifact in class diagrams will now open their associated editor.



There is also a link added to association dialog to open its editor:
Association editor.png

Order of attributes between TS explorer and form should be consistent (Bugzilla 361191)
Now the order of attributes in TS Explorer and editor are the same:

Same order.png

Dependencies can now be modified at generation time
This feature is useful when users want to run generation on only certain dependencies of a project. To do this, check 'Modify dependencies at generation time' > select the dependencies of interest > run generation. By default, Tigerstripe will behave just as before.

Dependencies enablement.png

Sometimes Tigerstripe Property View doesn't show existing annotation (Bugzilla 308597)
This was an intermittent problem where annotations were not displayed in property view

Support annotation of method arguments (Bugzilla 270928)
This issue was actually resolved a while back, but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Save All fails for a renamed artifact (Bugzilla 354322)
This problem was caused as a result of refactoring an artifact that hadn't been saved. The tooling now forces users to save their artifact before refactoring it.

Save after refactoring.png

Incorrect error message when creating a new artifact (Bugzilla 340191)
When creating a new artifact, user was presented with the incorrect message of "Type already exists". It now correctly reads "Enter Artifact Name"

Add related artifacts does not work correctly for Association Classes (Bugzilla 263833)
This was an old defect that had already been resolved, but the associated bugzilla was never closed.

Subclipse change tag not displayed for TS diagrams (Bugzilla 214509)
In certain classes the Subclipse change tag "*" was not displayed on modified diagrams.

Moving an attribute in diagram loses the annotations (Bugzilla 250386)
Now, the annotations are marked as dangling and user has the option of attaching them to the new attribute.

In some cases build is not automatically triggered when it should (Bugzilla 358145)
In certain cases when (Project > Build automatically) was enabled, the build was still not triggered when it was expected. This was mostly related to annotation related changes.

Build automatically.png

Problem deleting projects with JAR file (Bugzilla 356603)
This bug prevented projects referencing a JAR dependency from being deleted.

Issues with dealing with large number of dangling annotations (Bugzilla 360524)
There were various problems caused when dealing with large (i.e. 100+) number of dangling annotations. These issued should now be resolved.

Issues with Annotation Extension Points (Bugzilla 305592)
This issue was fixed a while ago but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Issues with annotating Enumeration artifacts (Bugzilla 245422)
This issue was fixed a while ago but the corresponding bugzilla was never closed.

Working Set problems with Tigerstripe Explorer (Bugzilla 244728)
This defect was resolved after migrating TS Explorer to a CNF-based view.

Installed Modules window doesn't resize efficiently (Bugzilla 329563)
This dialog along with its children now resize just as expected.

Deployed generators.png

Undeploy action doesn't work properly when invoked from ts-plugin.xml editor (Bugzilla 270030)
This action did not work as properly when invoked from the editor or via context menu. It worked properly from 'Deployed Generators' dialog.

Ts plugin.png

Problem with creating a target folder for a File Copy Rule (Bugzilla 364523)
A File Copy rule allows generators to copy files from model project or generator project to the corresponding target folder specified. This bug prevented the target folder from being created and as a result the rule didn't function properly. This issue has now been resolved.

File copy rule.png

Remove buttons of Search view do not work properly (Bugzilla 363741)
These buttons now behave just as expected.


ConcurrentModificationException when update annotation file (Bugzilla 360620)
This defect was resolved after the previous annotation refactoring in I43.

Editor loses selection context after it's saved (Bugzilla 320051)
Editors now properly remember their selection context before they're saved. Saving a modified editor will no longer result in selection context being lost.

Issues with renaming artifacts from diagrams (Bugzilla 263453)
In some cases renaming an artifact from diagrams would result in an error.

Problem with moving artifacts of same name, but different types to the same package (Bugzilla 357470)
This was a refactoring issue caused when moving an artifact of the same name but different types to the same package. This is now handled gracefully.

Long build job when large annotation files are modified (Bugzilla 362263)
In certain cases, a long build job would get triggered and stick around for a few minutes when a large annotation file was modified. There were a lot of performance improvements in this iteration, which resolved such scenarios.

Issues with deploying runnable generators (Bugzilla 355712)
This is an old issue that had already been resolved.

In some cases, method annotations would be displayed under method arguments (Bugzilla 365432)
In some cases, method annotations would be incorrectly displayed under its arguments when viewed in the editor. This issue is now resolved.

Stereotype selection changes when Profile editor is saved (Bugzilla 320054)
Selection context should be preserved in between save sessions.

The bug scrubbing in this iteration resulted in the following defects being cleaned up:

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 298845 - Partly formed radio button in facet section of generate dialog
Bugzilla 300715 - Model DnD refactoring is not consistent with other DnD refactoring
Bugzilla 249093 - IAbstractTigerstripeProject should extend IAnnotationCapable
Bugzilla 291541 - Plugin deployment actions are a bit iffy
Bugzilla 298971 - Unchecking Cascade Delete Relationships preference checkbox ignored
Bugzilla 276494 - Cannot include module with Tigerstripe 0.4.6
Bugzilla 258200 - 0.5: Metamodel, M-API Migration
Bugzilla 354612 - It is not possible to update some fields in 'person' annotation
Bugzilla 333768 - Test Failure: AssertionFailedError in TestStartup
Bugzilla 333769 - Test Failure: ResourceException in TestRepositoryRefs

Defect(s) marked as Works For Me:
Bugzilla 269345 - Changes made to multiple tabs on Profile are not saved
Bugzilla 302785 - Tigerstripe generation fails (headless build environment)
Bugzilla 274636 - Artifact fails to create but no errors
Bugzilla 344700 - IllegalStateException on diagrams
Bugzilla 365827 - Method fields are blocked after entity saving
Bugzilla 342226 - [Refactoring] In some cases refactoring corrupts diagram files

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 227246 - Provide enhanced diagram package display
Bugzilla 323647 - Edit actions are disabled when selection contains an artifact and a diagram file
Bugzilla 255454 - Cannot get Manager Session for Project o/side the workspace
Bugzilla 239173 - Enumerations should not be able to be subclassed
Bugzilla 366506 - "Select All" and "Deselect All" buttons on Dependencies tab on tigerstripe.xml are always enabled

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