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I43 Release Notes


Minor Defects: 1
Normal Defects: 8
Critical Defects: 1
Enhancement: 3
Total: 13

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 43:

Type Hierarchy view in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 363070)
A new view has been contributed in Tigerstripe allowing users to view the type hierarchy of any artifact selected in the Explorer. Users can even select artifacts from referenced Tigerstripe modules. To use this feature, right click on an artifact and select "Show Type Hierarchy" or simply select the artifact and use SHIFT+F4 shortcut key.
This view can be used to view the parent/child artifacts. It also caches the history so users can easily revisit previous selection(s).

Show artifact type action.png

Artifact hierarchy view.png

Enhance Generator Dialog and allow generators to write to it (Bugzilla 359870)
The Generator Dialog, which pops up after generation finishes executing has been significantly enhanced to display information in tabular format. Users can search for specific terms and double click on an item to display the message and exception in a clear format. Generators now have the ability to write to this dialog by using the following method: PluginLog.reportStatus(new Status(IStatus.INFO, GENERATOR_ID, "This is my custom Info message"));


Before generate dialog.png


Generate dialog2.png

Double clicking on an item in the dialog will display the message and exception in a clear format:

Exception list.png

The following wiki page provides more details on how generators can write to this dialog:

Support Link with Editor action for artifacts in Tigerstripe modules (Bugzilla 360582)
Users can now use the Link with Editor action to see which Tigerstripe module an artifact is associated with. To try this, open the an artifact from a referenced TS module > Collapse All nodes in TS Explorer > Click on Link with Editor and select the open editor > this will select the associated artifact in TS Explorer.

Link with editor.png

Expand tree and select appropriate attribute when editing annotations (Bugzilla 363064)
If an attribute has been selected for an annotation and user tries to edit it, it will now auto-expand the appropriate entity and select the attribute.

Select attribute dialog.png

Issues with attaching dangling annotations (Bugzilla 363021)
This was a corner case problem with attaching dangling annotations.

Issues with deleting a method from TS Explorer (Bugzilla 359814)
This defect prevented users from deleting methods from TS Explorer.

Annotations are not removed when artifacts are deleted from Class Diagram (Bugzilla 360215)
Deleting artifacts from class diagrams now automatically removes its associated annotations.

Issues with scrolling in generator descriptor editor (Bugzilla 359945)
This was a corner case issue where scroll bars in the generator descriptor editor would not function as expected.

Adding annotations for associations via context menu in Class Diagrams (Bugzilla 359821)
This defect prevented users from adding annotations to association artifacts using its context menu in class diagrams.

Constants are added to Enumerations with incompatible type (Bugzilla 357434)
Adding constants for Enumeration artifacts would automatically assign them a type of 'String' instead of an 'int', resulting in a compile error. This would only happen if users added constants by right clicking on Enumeration artifact > selecting New > Constant.

Display a warning message when annotating unsaved artifacts (Bugzilla 355040)
User is now presented with a warning message when adding annotations to an unsaved method argument.

Warning unsaved changes.png

Introduce contextual Artifact Manager (Bugzilla 363060)
Some generators were using artifact managers to query for artifacts as opposed to the context that's passed in by the generator. As a result, they would receive the concrete objects as opposed to proxy objects. This resulted in a number of issues when retrieving annotations for an artifact. To resolve this issue, a contextual artifact manager was introduced to return proxy objects as opposed to concrete objects. Please see corresponding bugzilla for more details.

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 358507 - Rename Package window sometimes cannot be opened for package

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