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I42 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 8
Major Defects: 1
Enhancement: 2
Total: 11

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 42:

Enhanced search support in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 360575)
The search action is now context sensitive and will automatically switch to the Tigerstripe tab based on the selected project and/or perspective. Users can now also search for artifacts in referenced Tigerstripe modules.

Search dialog.png

Search view.png

Support for complex annotation types (Bugzilla 359863)
Users can now search and select specific model component for annotation attributes. In the past, annotation attribute values were free-from text fields. Users had to specify the fully-qualified-name of model components to reference them in their annotations. This is error-prone, since there is no validation for the value specified by users. Selecting specific model components not only enhances the user experience, but also prevents cases where users may make a typo when specifying a model component.

Annotation view.png

Entity list dialog.png

Error when selecting attributes of referenced modules (Bugzilla 361519)
This was a regression where selecting attributes of a referenced module would result in an error.

Major refactoring of annotation framework's caching (Bugzilla 359695)
In the past, annotation framework used an EMF database to cache annotations of a project. This code had been written a while back. It was outdated, too complex, and caused a lot of issues when retrieving annotations. It was decided by the Tigerstripe team to perform major refactoring of the framework's caching mechanism to resolve these issues.

Problems with attaching dangling annotation to installed modules (Bugzilla 361499) (Bugzilla 360495)
This was a defect in the quick fix support for dangling annotations where annotations could not be properly attached to installed modules.

Fixed deadlock issue in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 361868)
In some cases when Tigerstripe's process was terminated abruptly, it was no longer possible to launch Tigerstripe in the same workspace. It would result in a deadlock in one of Tigerstripe's plug-ins and the launch would be stuck on the splash screen. This issue is now resolved.

Issues dealing with undefined stereotypes (Bugzilla 361882)
This was a corner case where a profile change which caused stereotypes to become invalid would result in an exception and the annotations on the artifact would no longer be visible.

Search view not resolving TS module names (Bugzilla 360577)
Search view would not resolve TS module names properly. It would display them as 'null'. See snapshot for more details:

Null search view.png

Performance improvement when renaming packages on large projects
For large models containing class diagrams, it would take a long time to synchronize all the changes after renaming a package. This issue is now resolved.

Performance improvement when creating a class diagram in large projects
Class diagram creation for large model projects now take less time than before.

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