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I40 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 20
Major Defects: 1
Critical Defects: 1
Enhancement: 3
Total: 25

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 40:

Show dangling annotation in problems view (Bugzilla 356550)
Tigerstripe now supports displaying of dangling annotations in Problems view. If there are annotations specified in the .ann file, which cannot be resolved, they're classified as dangling.

Dangling annotation.png

Quick fix support for dangling annotations (Bugzilla 356757)
Quick fix support can be used to easily resolve dangling annotations.

Quick fix menu.png

Dangling annotation quick fix.png

Sort list of stereotypes for an association (Bugzilla 356383)
The list of stereotypes accessed from association property dialog is now sorted.

Stereotype sorted list.png

Change annotation URLs such that annotations from project references and modules are interchangeable (Bugzilla 356607)
The annotation URL format used between a Tigerstripe module and a project reference is now interchangeable. This offers the benefit of annotations getting automatically picked up when a project reference is replaced by its module equivalence or vice versa.

NPE on package refactor with opened diagram (Bugzilla 356547)
Fixed a corner case NPE as a result of refactoring a large project with an open diagram.

Annotation attribute value is not saved after a focus change (Bugzilla 357746)
There is now a dialog which pops up asking users whether they like to save their changes right after a focus change.

Ann save dialog.png

Annotation is not saved for unsaved methods argument (Bugzilla 355040)
This was an issue where annotations were not applied properly to arguments when the method argument was not saved.

Deleting an annotation after attribute modification causes issues (Bugzilla 356965)
There were issues caused with deleting an annotation just after modifying its attributes and not saving it. Tigerstripe now properly recognizes this scenario and handles it gracefully.

Artifact proxies properly support equal/hashing (Bugzilla 357836)
Equals and hashCode methods now properly deal with the concrete objects as opposed to proxies. Example: Calling IAbstractArtifact.getFileds() always returns different objects, since the proxy objects are always different. The underlying concrete object is always the same though. Thus Equals and hashCode now take into account the concrete objects as opposed to the proxies.

Adding method annotations and changing the method signature causes annotations to be removed (Bugzilla 357462)
If annotations are added to methods and the method signature is changed at a later point, the annotation URL needs to get updated properly. This was addressed through this defect.

NPE deleting a renamed method (Bugzilla 357436)
This was a corner case issue with the refactoring logic which threw an NPE.

Changing attribute visibility does not properly synchronize class diagram (Bugzilla 357596)
This was a synchronization issue where changing an attribute visibility would not automatically update the corresponding class diagram(s).

Attribute type is not updated in certain cases (Bugzilla 357588)
In some cases, updating the attribute type of an entity and saving the changes would not update the entity properly.

Annotation file incorrectly marked with warning (Bugzilla 357435)
In certain cases the annotation file was marked with warnings when it's not supposed to.

Issues with attaching dangling annotations (Bugzilla 357466) (Bugzilla 357347) (Bugzilla 357465) (Bugzilla 357438)
There were a number of issues with attaching dangling annotations, which is now resolved.

Attach dangling annotation.png

TS Explorer does not properly display project structure when something is checked out as maven project (Bugzilla 357098)
Checking out projects as a maven project would incorrectly filter out some of the folders.

Annotation manager have to listen changes in workspace (Bugzilla 356817)
Changes made directly to the annotation file is now picked up by Tigerstripe and the annotation framework.

Annotation for method is not deleted when the method is removed (Bugzilla 358078)
Removing annotated resources now properly removes their corresponding annotation.

Issues with Velocity Template wizard (Bugzilla 357131)
This was a regression where clicking the finish button of the velocity template wizard would throw an exception.

Velocity template.png

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 357343 - Project name in annotation file is not updated
Bugzilla 357585 - Annotations are not exported when I export Tigerstripe project
Bugzilla 357571 - Stereotypes are not resolved in TS modules

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