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I39 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 9
Minor Defects: 1
Enhancement: 5
Total: 15

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 39:

Support annotation of project references (Bugzilla 352615)
Users are now able to annotate Tigerstripe project references very similar to how they'd annotate Tigerstripe modules.

Dependent project annotation.png

Display annotations on artifact modules in Tigerstripe Explorer (Bugzilla 352615)
Annotations on tigerstripe modules are now displayed in TS explorer. The corresponding preference option must be turned on to leverage this feature. See 'Explorer' preference page under Tigerstripe.

Annotations on referenced modules.png

Issue with Errors disappearing from Problems view (Bugzilla 355239)
This defect fixed an issue with items disappearing from Problems view after running a clean build.

Association qualifiers not displayed on diagram (Bugzilla 354334)
In certain cases association qualifiers were not being displayed on diagrams.

Association qualifiers.png

Issues with converting Association to Association Class on a class diagram (Bugzilla 354335)
This was a regression which broke the ability to convert Association to Association Classes on a class diagram.

Major design changes to Annotation Framework
There were major design changes made to the Annotation Framework to ensure that the Annotation Storage File is saved within the project as opposed to the workspace. In the past, certain scenarios would lead to the annotation storage file being stored in the user's workspace.

Relationships are not displayed on diagram from installed modules (Bugzilla 355474)
This was a regression where artifact relationships were not carried over when they were dragged and dropped on class diagrams.

Issues with removing annotations from class diagrams (Bugzilla 354817)
This was a problem with removing annotations via the context menu of artifacts in class diagrams.

Annotations for association are not displayed on class diagram (Bugzilla 354905)
There was an issue with association annotations being displayed on class diagrams, which is now resolved.

Issues with annotations being displayed on class diagrams (Bugzilla 354903)
In certain cases annotations would only be displayed in Tigerstripe explorer and not on class diagram.

Error on double-clicking referenced project (Bugzilla 355818)
This was a regression where double clicking on a referenced project in Tigerstripe Explorer would result in an error.

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 320067 - Specify scope of an annotation
Bugzilla 355918 - Classes from dependent module are not deleted automatically from diagrams when dependency removed

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 352180 - Different behavior of include inherited artifacts in the facet scope

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