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I38 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 5
Minor Defects: 1
Enhancement: 5
Total: 11

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 38:

Support annotation of artifact attributes in Tigerstripe module JARs (Bugzilla 353219)
Users are now able to annotate attributes, methods, and constants of artifacts referenced in module JARs.

Attribute annotation.png

Removed all JDT-specific UI from Tigerstripe Explorer (Bugzilla 353216)
This enhancement removed all JDT-specific UI from Tigerstripe Explorer. These were visible after expanding a refrenced TS module JAR. As an example, right clicking on an Entity would reveal two Open actions (one for JDT, one for Tigerstripe).


Before jdt.png

After no jdt.png

USABILITY: Capture description for annotation attributes (Bugzilla 352613)
This enhancement allows users to capture the description for annotation attributes. This description can then be relayed back to clients of annotations. Please see corresponding enhancement on how you can leverage this functionality.

Annotation attribute description2.png

USABILITY: Display annotations in Tigerstripe Explorer and Class Diagrams (Bugzilla 305929)
This enhancement provides the ability to display annotations in Tigerstripe Explorer and Class Diagrams (similar to stereotypes). The following preference options need to be enabled in order to leverage this functionality.

Explorer preferences.png

Annotation display.png

USABILITY: Annotation descriptions are now properly displayed on the Add Annotation wizard (Bugzilla 352611)
In the past, the annotation description was displayed at the top of the Add Annotation wizard. This caused the longer descriptions to be cut off and unreadable. They're now displayed in a scrollable section on the bottom of the wizard.

Before annotation dialog.png

After annotation dialog.png

USABILITY: Annotation Property View should be added to Tigerstripe category (Bugzilla 352609)
Annotation Property View has been moved to the Tigerstripe category for an easier find. The following are snapshots of 'Show View' dialog accessed via Window > Show View > Other...

Before show view dialog.png

After show view dialog.png

Issues with Tigerstripe Facets (Bugzilla 352060)
This was an issue where the dependencies would become inactive after marking a Facet as active.

Save annotation dialog is displayed when it shouldn't be (Bugzilla 348495)
The 'save annotation' dialog would be displayed even when an attribute value was not modified. Simply clicking on the attribute value and deselecting it would trigger this dialog.

In certain cases, Save All action throws a Null Pointer Exception (Bugzilla 347438)
This was a corner case where the Save All action would fail right after moving Enumeration artifacts.

Stereotype is not removed from workbench profile after clicking on remove button (Bugzilla 351298)
This was an issue where the remove action for stereotypes would misbehave right after a save operation.

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 337439 - Would like a command line parameter to override the default target directory for generation

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