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I37 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 7
Minor Defects: 3
Enhancement: 1
Total: 11

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 37:

Problems with saving a class diagram after converting an Entity to a Datatype (Bugzilla 350555)
In certain scenarios when an Entity was converted to a Datatype, there were issues with saving the corresponding class diagram file.

Edit stereotype action for an Extends relationship (Bugzilla 349940)
When right clicking on an Extends relationship in a class diagram, the 'Edit Stereotype' action was visible. Upon selecting this action, an exception was thrown, since Extends relationships cannot have stereotypes. This action has now been disabled for Extends relationships.

Extends context menu.png

Entities not displayed for browse button of Association classes (Bugzilla 350892)
Entities are valid super-artifacts for Association classes, but entities were not displayed in the browse dialog of Association Class wizards. This issue is now resolved.

Browse association class.png

Disabling argument buttons when no arguments are selected (Bugzilla 351133)
This was an issue with the editor where argument buttons were enabled when no arguments were selected.

Problem with saving resources after converting Entities to a Datatype (Bugzilla 350764)
This issue is similar to bugzilla#350555 where there were issues with saving resources after converting an entity to a datatype.

Handler conflict in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 350706)
A handler conflict occurs when there are multiple handlers for the same command. This can cause problems with the execution of the command.

Display annotation storage files in TS explorer (Bugzilla 351055)
There were two ways of filtering out annotation files in TS Explorer. Through the view's menu and the preferences. The preference option was removed, since it's no longer necessary. Also, TS explorer now displays the annotation file by default. Annotation files can be filtered via the Customize View dialog as displayed below:

Customize view action.png

Customize view dialog.png

Edit Stereotype action for Implements relationships (Bugzilla 350212)
This is a similar problem as bugzilla#349940 where Edit Stereotype action was enabled for Implements relationships

Validation for method's return value and arguments (Bugzilla 351130)
The default value of a method's return value as well as its arguments is now validated against their type.

Extends relationship is not removed from an entity<->datatype conversion (Bugzilla 350903)
This was an issue where the extends relationship was not removed when entities were converted to datatypes

Issue with editor buttons being enabled when they should be disabled (Bugzilla 351785)
This was a minor issue in the editors where the method argument button should have been disabled when they were actually enabled.

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