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I36 Release Notes


Major Defects: 2
Normal Defects: 9
Minor Defects: 1
Enhancements: 6
Total: 18

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 36:

Convenient method to convert a Datatype to an Entity and vice versa (Bugzilla 325174)
There is now a convenient method to convert a Datatype to an Entity and vice versa both from a class diagram and Tigerstripe Explorer.

Convert to dt from diagram.png

Convert to dt from explorer.png

Provide validation support for primitive types (Bugzilla 232727)
This enhancement adds a new field for primitive types in the profile editor where users are able to specify a regular expression for the purpose of
validating the default values of such primitive types with the specified regular expression.

Validation on primitives.png

Invalid int.png

Problems view primitive types.png

Place generation log files in subdirectory (Bugzilla 347709)
In order to declutter the generation folder, the log files are now placed in their dedicated subdirectory.

Log folder.png

'Synch up with model' option for instance diagrams (Bugzilla 226405)
The 'Synch up with model' option is now provided for instance diagrams. This is similar to the option provided for class diagrams.
Should the diagram ever fall out-of-sync with the model, this option can be used to synchronize them.

Sync with model.png

Provide Suitable Fill Colors (Bugzilla 222174)
There are now suitable fill colors provided by right clicking on an artifact in a diagram > selecting format > Fill Color

Fill colors.png

Usability enhancements in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 349458)
There were a couple of usability improvements in Tigerstripe:
1) The color of inherited fields are now darker for better readability
2) The description field of TS artifact editors is now wrapped. Hence it will no longer disturb the editor's layout as indicated below

Long description.png

NPE when enabling a generator (Bugzilla 349788)
This was a major regression where an NPE was thrown when a generator was enabled and the descriptor file was saved.

Importing projects with MS-Word markups (Bugzilla 338918)
Tigerstripe is now able to import projects where the description contains MS-Word specific XML markups. This can occur when the description is copy/pasted from MS-Word.

Issues with converting an Entity to a Datatype (Bugzilla 350555)
In certain cases there were issues converting an Entity artifact to a Datatype. These issues have now been resolved.

User is now warned if Facet cannot be resolved (Bugzilla 337683)
The tigerstripe.xml file is now marked with an error when a referenced Facet cannot be resolved.

Facet generator tab.png

Facet problem view.png

Fields of inherited methods marked as editable (Bugzilla 347614)
This was an issue where some of the fields of inherited methods were marked as editable.

Changes to facet are not automatically picked up (Bugzilla 348229)
In the past, users were required to re-add a facet after making changes to it. Tigerstripe now automatically updates the project when referenced facets are modified.

NPE during refactor operation (Bugzilla 349282)
This was an issue where an NPE was thrown during a refactoring operation when any two TS projects in the workspace had a circular dependency.

Added some details to Facet page and resolved an issue with referencing multiple facets (Bugzilla 349841)
Added some details to the facet page of tigerstripe.xml to avoid confusion. Also resolved an issue related to referencing multiple facets in a tigerstripe.xml file.

Facet page.png

Defect(s) marked as Duplicate:
Bugzilla 347576 - Default value of attributes are not verified
Bugzilla 349818 - NullPointerException during build time
Bugzilla 349537 - NPE from descriptor Auditor

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 348984 - Check JVM parameters on startup

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