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I35 Release Notes


Major Defects: 1
Normal Defects: 15
Minor Defects: 2
Trivial Defects: 1
Enhancements: 3
Total: 22

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 35:

Manage Artifact Links dialog has been extended to include all relationships on a diagram (Bugzilla 221441)
This dialog can be accessed by right clicking on your class diagram and selecting 'Manage Artifact Links...'. From here users can view all relationship types including associations, implementations, dependencies, extensions, and association classes. Relationships are organized into three different tabs and the lists can be sorted by clicking on the columns. Users can also show/hide any of the relationships on diagram.

Manage artifact dialog.png

Spell checking is now enabled under description field of TS editors (Bugzilla 256661)
A red squiggly line is drawn underneath any typos in the description field of TS editors.

Spell checking.png

Fixed typos on TS editors (Bugzilla 345382)
There were some typos in the Details field of TS editors which were resolved.

Context menu action not working properly for an Extends relationship (Bugzilla 345398)
Invoking 'Open with editor' action on a Extends relationship now properly opens the artifact in its corresponding editor and the 'Remove from Diagram' action is properly enabled and operational.

Open in editor.png

Deleting a Tigerstripe project fails in some cases (Bugzilla 342787)
This was an intermittent issue where invoking the delete context menu action on a Tigerstripe project would not do anything.

Issue with adding an Extends relationship between an Association Class and an Entity (Bugzilla 346369)
An error message was generated when adding an Extends relationship between an Association Class and an Entity.

Issue with converting an Association Class to an Association (Bugzilla 345396)
In some cases converting an Association Class to an Association would throw a null pointer exception.

Convert to association.png

Better error messages when a referenced field cannot be found (Bugzilla 345897)
This defect resolved an issue where an error message was not properly displayed when a referenced constant in an Enumeration was removed.

Some fields of an inherited method are modifiable (Bugzilla 346394)
Some of the fields of an inherited method are modifiable. None of the inherited fields should be modifiable.

Problem deleting artifacts from diagram (Bugzilla 345871)
Even though delete operation would work as expected, a null pointer exception was thrown, which is now resolved.

Problem with creating two types of artifacts on a class diagram with the same name (Bugzilla 259136)
Creating two artifacts of different types, but with the same name would cause issues in Tigerstripe.

Refactoring Issue (Bugzilla 300885)
This was an old refactoring issue that has already been fixed in Tigerstripe

Package is deleted after subpackage refactoring (Bugzilla 346188)
This was an issue where the package along with its content was removed when a subpackage was renamed.

Issue with adding dependencies (Bugzilla 338918)
For certain projects there were issues caused with modifying the dependencies.

Editor Issues (Bugzilla 270646)
This was an old issue with the Profile editor where state of checkboxes were not persisted properly.

Issues with package icon in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 247814)
In certain cases the package icon used by Tigerstripe would revert back to JDT's package icon. This issue seems to be fixed now.

Adding children of an artifact to class diagram (Bugzilla 342080)
In certain cases adding children of an artifact to a class diagram would result in an exception.

Contributed an extension point for controlling the default value of 'Run All Rules as Local' option
This extension point can be used to control the default value of 'Run All Rules as Local' option. If the extension point is not specified, the default value is to turn it off. You can read more about the extension point here.

Defect(s) marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 345914 - Add validation for literal names

Defect(s) marked as Won't Fix:
Bugzilla 253900 - Audit is double checking ends!
Bugzilla 230943 - Facet should follow the IWorkingCopy patterns

Defect(s) marked as Works for me:
Bugzilla 336807 - Error if no generator available that matches specification

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