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I34 Release Notes


Major Defects: 1
Normal Defects: 16
Minor Defects: 2
Total: 19

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 34:

Method return value missing from scope of Stereotypes (Bugzilla 342085)
Users now have the ability to bind a stereotype to a method return value as indicated in the snapshot below:

Stereotype scope.png

Primitives are not resolved from TS Profile (Bugzillas 344572)
This was a major regression caused in iteration 33 where custom primitives defined in a profile were not being resolved.

Error when deploying a generator (Bugzilla 344838)
This fixes an issue with deploying certain generators in Tigerstripe.

Issues with diagram audits (Bugzilla 342225) (Bugzilla 344076)
In certain cases, a diagram audit would result in an error as indicated by corresponding bugzillas.

Refactoring issues when renaming a package (Bugzilla 343231) (Bugzilla 343227)
The first bug was a refactoring issue where renaming a package would not update the Implements fields, which reference a Session Facade. The second bug was a problem where refactoring a package would cause a second package to be created.

Problem with removing the generated folder in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 251858)
This issue was only reproducible on Windows. In some cases, an attempt to remove the generated Tigerstripe folder would result in an error. The problem was with the Velocity log files where the streams to the files were not being closed properly.

Ts generator.png

Diagram Issues (Bugzilla 344073)
This was an issue where a refactoring operation caused an incorrect update on the class diagram

Usability issue with Tigerstripe descriptor files (Bugzilla 343184)
This issue caused a sudden shift of widgets when user changed selection between rules in a generator descriptor file.

Some properties of inherited fields are modifiable (Bugzilla 344102)
Some of the properties of inherited methods or constants are modifiable where they shouldn't be. None of the properties of inherited fields should be modifiable as resolved by this defect.

Method exception.png

Annotation of deleted artifacts are not removed (Bugzilla 343503)
This was a problem where deleting an artifact with annotation didn't properly clean up the corresponding annotations.

Problems with deleting Tigerstripe project (Bugzilla 342787)
In some cases, deleting a Tigerstripe project that has just been opened would not remove the project properly.

Buttons getting enabled when they shouldn't be (Bugzilla 344085)
The 'Edit' and 'Remove' buttons of a stereotype list for attributes was enabled even when there were no annotations associated with the attribute.

Stereotype list.png

IllegalArgumentException when removing artifact extension (Bugzilla 345251)
This defect caused an exception when removing an artifact extension.

Defects marked as Works for me:
Bugzilla 343730 - Can't create artifact in empty source directory

Defects marked as Wont Fix:
Bugzilla 3442350 - Cannot rename class diagram in 'properties' view
Bugzilla 343333 - Illegal Association error in Association created across referenced Tigerstripe projects

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