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I33 Release Notes


Normal Defects: 7
Minor Defects: 1
Enhancments: 3
Total: 11

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 33:

Help and guidance when selecting a Stereotype (Bugzillas 341548 341677)
The 'Add Stereotype Dialog' now displays a description of the selected stereotype on the bottom of the dialog. The description is retrieved from the workbench profile defining the stereotype:

Stereotype list.png

Users can click on the context help to obtain more information on the selected stereotype:

Stereotype list context help.png

When a stereotype of an artifact is selected, its description will be displayed to the right of the stereotype within the editor:

Stereotype description.png

For a stereotype that has attributes, the description of the selected attribute is displayed on the bottom of the dialog:

Stereotype attribute.png

Users can click on the help context button to obtain more information:

Stereotype attribute context help.png

Validate default values against enumeration (Bugzilla 341055)
When the type of an entity attribute was set to an enumeration and a default value was specified from the list of enumeration literals, there was no validation being done if the enumeration literals were modified. In other words, the attribute could end up with an invalid default value when the enumeration literals were modified.

"Out of date target folder" warning message is displayed multiple times (Bugzilla 341904)
This was a regression with an enhancement submitted in the last iteration where the 'out of date target folder' message was displayed multiple times. Issue has been resolved so that it's displayed only once.

Enhancement: Support for model rules
Tigerstripe generators now support a new rule type called model rules. These rules can be used to create generated artifact files on a per-model basis (i.e. the model along with all of its dependencies). For example, if model A depends on B and C, you can use a model rule on A to create three separate files for models A, B, and C.


When creating a model rule, be sure to specify a file name that won't be overridden for each model:

Model rule.png

In your template file, you can use the following variables to iterate over the collections on a per-model-basis:


Attribute type is not updated for a refactoring operation (Bugzilla 336049)
This was an issue with refactoring an Enumeration name. When attributes of an entity referred to an enumeration, their type was not updated when the corresponding enumeration name was changed. This issue is now resolved.

Association selection for instance diagrams were ignored (Bugzilla 342224)
When adding a related artifact to an instance diagram, user is presented with a list of associations to import. The selection in this dialog would get ignored and all associations were added to instance diagram:

Association list.png

Closed diagrams are not marked as dirty when containing artifacts are moved (Bugzilla 343085)
When entities on a closed diagram are moved, the diagram file should be marked as dirty when reopened.

Refactoring issue (Bugzilla 342525)
This was a refactoring issue where not all references were properly updated after a refactoring operation.

Issues with Add Related Artifact action (Bugzilla 343723)
There was an issue with 'Add Related Artifact' action in class diagrams where in certain instances, an empty artifact was added to the class diagram.

Selecting an annotation by double clicking on it (Bugzilla 342220)
A minor enhancement was implemented to select an annotation in 'Add an annotation dialog' when double clicking on it.

Annotation dialog.png

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