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I32 Release Notes


Major Defects: 2
Normal Defects: 7
Total: 14

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 32:

Properly handle generator versions specified in model projects (Bugzilla 340079)
When OSGi versions were used for Tigerstripe generators and the user specified a version that wasn't available when running generation on a model project, Tigerstripe would throw a null pointer exception. This is now properly handled by displaying an appropriate message to users.

Generation version.png

Generator path specified under preferences is ignored (Bugzilla 338956)
The generator path specified under preferences is now properly used when creating new Tigerstripe projects.

Generation pref.png

Stack overflow during a refactoring operation (Bugzilla 337842)
When users refactored artifacts contained in projects that had cyclical dependencies, the operation would result in a Stack Overflow error. Issue is now resolved.

Issues with creating Exception artifacts (Bugzilla 339466)
This was an issue with creating Exception artifacts where it would cause an event loop exception.

Regression with dependency cycle detector (Bugzilla 340824)
There was a regression with an enhancement submitted to detect and report back dependency cycles in Tigerstripe projects. In certain cases dependencies were reported to be cyclical when they weren't. This issue is now resolved.

Couple of issues resolved regarding usage of facets with stereotype-based exclusion (Bugzilla 338992 338917)
First issue was a minor change in behavior and the second issue was an Invalid Thread Access where SWT manipulation was being done on a non-UI thread.

Defects marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 258194 - 0.5 stream committed bugs.

Defects marked as 'Works For Me':
Bugzilla 339540 - [Annotations] In some cases annotation property view is not properly populated when selecting an artifact

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