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I31 Release Notes


Major Defects: 1
Normal Defects: 12
Enhancments: 1
Total: 14

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 31:

Issues with Annotation Framework (Bugzillas 336641 339537 337779 )
There were a few issues with annotations which were resolved. The first issue was the fact that the annotation file (i.e. .ann file) would end up in the workspace as opposed to the project when annotating artifacts from referenced modules. The second problem was an issue where annotating artifacts in a referenced module would replicate the annotation for all the projects which referenced the same module. The third problem was an issue where the annotation was not properly detected and exposed to generators. All three issues are now resolved.

To annotate artifacts in a referenced module, simply modify the dependency of your project to depend on the module, then expand the referenced module and annotate the artifacts as you see fit. See snapshot below for more details:

Referenced module.png

Performance improvement of refactoring (Bugzilla 336735)
During refactoring the auto build feature is now automatically turned off prior to the start of refactoring. It's turned back on when refactoring is complete. This significantly improves the performance of refactoring for large model projects. In the past, the auto builder would continuously interrupt the refactoring process which would cause a significant performance degradation.

Enhancement: Target folder marked out of date when there are changes to a model project
Now when there are changes to the Model, Stereotypes, Tigerstripe Descriptor, Active Facet, or if the Active Facet is re-assigned the target output folder for generation will be marked with a warning marker as out-of-date. Running generation on the project will remove the marker.

Remove from Diagram Action is disabled in certain scenarios (Bugzilla 320339)
In certain cases the 'Remove from Diagram' context menu action would get disabled.

Stack overflow when specifying a circular dependency (Bugzilla 337817)
There was an issue which would cause a stack overflow when users inadvertently created a circular dependency.

Problems with deleting Facets (Bugzilla 337682)
In certain cases deleting facets would cause a Core Exception.

Problems with removing referenced modules (Bugzilla 338204)
Deleting referenced modules from projects would cause an internal error. Even though the operation completed successfully, this would cause some of the test cases to fail.

NPE when adding/removing facets to generators (Bugzilla 337663)
In certain cases adding/removing facets to generators would throw a null pointer exception.

Cancel button on the Annotation Conflict window doesn't function properly (Bugzilla 337794)
Pressing the cancel button on the annotation conflict window closed a second modal dialog, which wasn't correct.

Stereotype values not getting encoded properly (Bugzilla 336882)
There was an encoding issue with stereotype values where characters such as < > & " ' were not getting encoded properly.

NPE during refactoring (Bugzilla 336737)
In certain cases an NPE would be thrown during refactoring. Issue was diagnosed and resolved.

Defects marked as Wont Fix:
Bugzilla 311783 - Project creation and project names

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