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I30 Release Notes


Enhancements: 2
Major Defects: 4
Normal Defects: 23
Minor Defects: 1
Total: 30

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 30:

Sort list of available references for instance diagrams (Bugzilla 336117)
The list of available references for instance diagrams are now properly sorted for easier navigability.

Sort list.png

Correct package icon is now displayed in TS projects (Bugzilla 335221)
In certain cases Tigerstripe didn't display the correct package icon for TS projects. This issue should now be resolved.

Wrong package.png

Error when modifying project dependencies (Bugzilla 336309)
This was a regression which would generate an error when project dependencies was modified. Issue is now resolved.

Issues with Save ALL toolbar has been resolved (Bugzilla 334903)
This was an issue where Save ALL toolbar button would not save all the modified editors.

Creation of illegal instances are now prevented by Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 336105)
In certain cases, Tigerstripe did not take into account the association multiplicity when new instances were created. It now properly takes this into account and prevents the creation of illegal instances.

Velocity template wizard now takes into account M0 generator projects (Bugzilla 335735)
The Velocity template wizard in Tigerstripe now properly takes into account M0 generator projects. In the past, it didn't properly detect M0 generators.

Prevent multiple selection in TS editors (Bugzilla 334898)
This was an odd behavior where TS editors would allow multiple selections at the same time.

Module export now supports modification of default output directory (Bugzilla 336577)
When the default output directory (i.e. 'bin' folder) was modified to a different location, the module export didn't work as expected. This is now supported.

NPE when saving Tigerstripe descriptor file (Bugzilla 337884)
This was a regression where an NPE would be thrown when saving modifications to Tigerstripe's descriptor file.

Refactoring issue in class diagrams (Bugzilla 337901)
This was a refactoring regression where renaming artifacts in a class diagram would remove the artifact from diagram.

Prevent users from modifying inherited attributes (Bugzilla 336305)
In certain cases it was possible for users to modify the value of inherited attributes. This fix prevents users from modifying inherited attributes in all cases.

Dependency name change not propagating to Tigerstripe Explorer (Bugzilla 336055)
Fixed a refactoring issue where changing the name of a dependency artifact in a class diagram would not update the dependency artifact in Tigerstripe Explorer.

Fixed a number of memory leak issues in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 337117, 337120, 337121, 337123, 337124)
A number of memory leaks have been resolved in Tigerstripe. Please see each bugzilla for more details.

Update project dependencies when projects are deleted (Bugzilla 336797)
Project dependencies are now properly modified when projects are removed from user's workspace.

Resolve exception when workbench profile is reset/deployed (Bugzilla 337414)
Fix an exception that occurred when workbench profile is reset/deployed.

Fix concurrent modification exception thrown in headless generation mode (Bugzilla 337325)
In certain cases, for large models, a concurrent modification exception would be thrown in headless model generation. This issue is now resolved.

Fix issue with package renaming (Bugzilla 336307)
Fixed a refactoring issue where an error would be generated for package renaming.

Annotation file being stored in workspace as opposed to project (Bugzilla 336641)
This was an issue where the annotation file for referenced modules would be stored in the workspace as opposed to the project. The annotation file is now correctly stored in the project when referenced modules are annotated. Thus importing the project in a different workspace will pick up all the annotations.

Circular dependencies causing stack overflow (Bugzilla 337817)
This was a problem where circular dependencies would cause a stack overflow. Even though circular dependencies should be avoided, they shouldn't cause a stack overflow.

Editor marked as dirty when switching to generator tab (Bugzilla 334897)
Fixed an issue where the Tigerstripe descriptor editor would be marked as dirty as soon as users switched to generator tab.

Generator tab.png

Workbench losing track of annotations (Bugzilla 251894)
This was an old issue reported where Tigerstripe would lose track of artifacts that had been annotated. This issue is no longer reproducible.

Delete from Diagram option not appearing (Bugzilla 250932)
This was another old issue where the 'Delete from Diagram' option would not be displayed in class diagrams. This defect is no longer reproducible.

Fixed refactoring issue in class diagrams (Bugzilla 299788)
Fixed a refactoring issue where refactoring an entity with a lot of associations would throw an exception.

Usability issues with Tigerstripe editors (Bugzilla 320049)
This fix addresses a number of issues with Tigerstripe editors

Defects marked as Wont Fix:
Bugzilla 258852 - Can't drag method onto AssociationClass on Class Diagram
Bugzilla 281686 - Align stereotype attributes

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