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I29 Release Notes


Enhancements: 5
Major Defects: 3
Normal Defects: 13
Total: 21

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 29:

Provide a convenient way to visualize inherited associations (Bugzilla 330701)
This enhancement allows users to conveniently view inherited association in Tigerstripe Explorer. In order to use this feature, the following preference option has be enabled: Under Preferences > Select Tigerstripe > Explorer > Enable 'Show Relationship Anchors'. When artifacts are expanded, their association along with their inherited association(s) are displayed. The inherited association(s) are displayed in a gray colour to distinguish them from direct associations.

Inherited association2.png

Provide a convenient way to visualize inherited attributes, constants, and methods (Bugzilla 330700)
This enhancement allows Tigerstripe users to conveniently view inherited attributes, constants, and methods from artifact editors. When an artifact extends another artifact, the inherited fields are all displayed in the editor. Inherited fields are displayed in a gray colour to distinguish them from direct fields defined in the artifact.

Inherited attributes.png

Inherited constants.png

Resolved exception when adding details to an M0 generator descriptor (Bugzilla 333153)
This exception occurred when selecting an item in the "Included Files" section of Runtime tab.

Support ordered associations in diagrams (Bugzilla 230101)
When an association end is marked as 'Ordered', it's now properly labeled in the class diagram:

Association class diagram.png

This can be filtered via 'Show/Hide' context menu action of an association. When the association is added to an instance diagram, the 'Set Order' context menu action can be used to set an arbitrary order. The order is displayed as a label in diagram, which can be filtered via 'Show/Hide' context menu of an association.

Association context menu.png

Set order dialog.png

Association instance diagram.png

Dependency dialog now supports multi-selection (Bugzilla 334900)
The dependency dialog of Tigerstripe descriptor editor now supports multi-selection:

Dependencies multi select.png

Resolved issue with opening artifacts from referenced modules (Bugzilla 334186)
When an artifact was opened from a referenced module in TS Explorer, the corresponding artifact editor didn't open by default. Instead it would open the .class JDT editor. This issue has now been resolved.

Refrenced module.png

Error when artifacts are dragged and dropped from referenced Tigerstripe modules (Bugzilla 333027)
Even though the operation completed successfully, there were a lot of errors displayed in Error Log view when artifacts were dragged and dropped from a referenced module to a diagram. The following is the description of the errors that were generated: "Received wrong transfer data"

Tigerstripe now gives an indication in headless environment when a project contains compile errors (Bugzilla 332454)
In the past, when a project contained compile errors and headless generation was executed, there was nothing to indicate that the project contained compile errors. As of I29, headless generation throws an exception if the model project contains compile errors.

Issues related to creating an artifact with the same name as an inner package has been resolved (Bugzilla 320659)
In the past when an artifact was created with the same name as an inner package, TS Explorer would display an incorrect layout with the wrong icon. This issue has now been resolved.

Add velocity template wizard now takes into account selected sub-folders. (Bugzilla 333464)
The 'Add Velocity Template' wizard now takes into account the selected sub-folder. In the past it would always copy the velocity template in the 'templates' folder.

Refactoring issue with renaming dependencies (Bugzilla 261254)
A refactoring issue was fixed where renaming a dependency on a diagram would not reflect the changes in TS Explorer.

Refactoring issue with moving packages (Bugzilla 327713)
A refactoring issue related to moving packages has been resolved. In certain instances moving a package would cause the parent package to disappear!

Fixed an issue related to creating instances of associations (Bugzilla 333182)
This issue related to problems creating instances of associations in an instance diagram.

Instance dialog opening twice when naming association instances (Bugzilla 334861)
This is another problem related to creating instances of associations. The association name dialog box would in some cases open twice.

Problems with converting associations to association classes and vice versa (Bugzilla 326360)
When the artifacts were not Managed Entities, the association<->association class conversion would not function properly. This fix allows the conversion to be used with all artifact types.

Regression with generation warning message (Bugzilla 333440)
This was a regression of bugzilla 324148. I27 was modified to warn users when none of the rules of a generation project matched the model artifacts. However, global rules were not taken into account. This fix resolves the issue and now takes into account global rules.

Defects marked as 'Works For Me':
Bugzilla 252324 - Labels getting cut off in class diagrams

Defects marked as Duplicate:
Bugzilla 333675 - No handling for transitive dependencies
Bugzilla 333470 - Misleading messaging on Generate

Defects marked as Wont Fix:
Bugzilla 287990 - Generator build path wrong
Bugzilla 320922 - [Usability] Remove 'Constants' section from Entity and Datatype editors

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