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I27 Release Notes


Enhancements: 1
Major Defects: 8
Normal Defects: 11
Total: 20

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 27:

Simplified dependency page of Tigerstripe descriptor editor (Bugzilla 319864)
In the past, the dependency page of a Tigerstripe descriptor editor contained two lists: 'Referenced Tigerstripe Projects' and 'Dependencies'. There was also a link to 'Add standard built-in modules'. This was simplified by providing a single list where all model dependencies can be specified. The different type of dependencies are distinguished by different icons. The link was also removed as it's no longer needed.

Dependency before.png

Dependency after.png

Removed extra column in Attribute/Constant/Method list of editors (Bugzilla 321131)
Extra column in Attribute/Constant/Method list of editors has been removed.

Extra columns before.png

Extra columns after.png

User is now warned when none of the rules match model artifacts (Bugzilla 324148)
The following warning message is generated when none of the generator rules match the model artifacts.

Generator warning.png

Clearing extension of Association Classes (Bugzilla 330528)
This defect prevented users from clearing extensions of Association Classes. It has now been resolved.

Association class.png

Refactoring Issue: Moving diagrams from one package to another now properly updates the package (Bugzilla 330524)
In the past when diagrams were moved from one package to another, the associated package name was not updated properly. As a result, this would lead to an auditing error. Issue has now been resolved.

Issues related to package deletion has been resolved (Bugzilla 331145)
Deleting packages would also remove the hidden .package file, which would result in the incorrect presentation layout. It would also lead to some files being automatically removed in sub-packages.

Problems with Annotation View has been resolved (Bugzilla 330374)
Annotation View used to throw an NPE in certain cases. This issue has now been resolved.

Fixed project import in headless mode (Bugzilla 331457)
Project import in headless mode is now working. Please click here for more details on headless model generation with Tigerstripe. Please note that you have to specify an absolute path for PROJECT_IMPORT argument.

Fixed a major issue with Tigerstripe Generator Editor (Bugzilla 329229)
There was an intermittent issue with the generator form editor where the artifact type of a rule was ot getting persisted properly. For example, selecting 'Entity' as an artifact type would persist it as 'Enumeration'! This issue was identified and resolved.

Fixed a regression where an NPE was thrown every time a Tigerstripe descriptor file was saved (Bugzilla 333019)
NPE would be thrown every time TS descriptor file was modified and saved. This regression was quickly identified and resolved.

Diagram files being marked as SCM dirty when opened for first time (Bugzilla 327835)
Fixed an issue where diagram files would get marked as SCM dirty when opened for first time.

TS Explorer issue where instance diagram file would not be displayed in source folder (Bugzilla 323169)
Fixed an issue where instance diagram files would not be displayed in source folder of TS Explorer.

Opening package of a model would throw an exception (Bugzilla 244309)
Fixed an issue where opening package of a model would throw an exception.

Issue with reverting files in TS Explorer (Bugzilla 244309)
There were issues with reverting files in TS Explorer that are now resolved.

Resolved a deadlock issue related to dependencies (Bugzilla 330796)
This deadlock presented itself in certain dependency structures.

Support annotations of method arguments (Bugzilla 329931)
Modelers now have the option of annotating method arguments. Support the method argument in form editor and modify annotations via Annotations View.

Error when logging enabled in generator (Bugzilla 328439)
Resolved an issue where an error occurred when logging was enabled in generator.

Defects marked as Invalid:
Bugzilla 245541 - XML Not escapted in annotations XML file
Bugzilla 331529 - Tiger stripe plugin editor -> generator settings tab , doesn't reflect the generator state (tigerstripe.xml)
Bugzilla 308596 - Sometimes no annotation storage file generated when we apply an annotation

Defects marked as Wont Fix:
Bugzilla 320730 - Should new package wizard request for an Artifact package?
Bugzilla 253292 - Add Tigerstripe Generator support to the Buckminster integration plug-in
Bugzilla 251717 - Need to document the use of Tigerstripe's Buckminster integration.
Bugzilla 291048 - Add support for buckmister headless commands.
Bugzilla 225520 - No way to document operation return code/object
Bugzilla 289130 - Buckminster Support for Modules

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