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I26 Release Notes


Enhancements: 7
Major Defects: 4
Normal Defects: 6
Total: 17

Changes to Tigerstripe in Iteration 26:

New dependency diagram in Tigerstripe
There is a new Dependency Diagram tab added to Tigerstripe descriptor file (tigerstripe.xml), which allows for better visualization of project dependencies:

Dependency diagram.png

Better Navigability: User can now click on 'Extends' and 'Implements' links to navigate to corresponding artifacts (Bugzilla 328441)

If there are multiple artifacts implemented, clicking on 'Implements' link will open the first referenced artifact.

Extends implements.png

There have been significant performance improvements made to resource change listeners in Tigerstripe (Bugzilla 324197)
These improvements are mostly evident when dealing with a large number of projects or projects that contain many artifacts.

Defect with regards to adding several artifacts of different types has been resolved (Bugzilla 328853)
There was an issue regarding adding multiple artifact of different kinds from Explorer to Instance Diagram. This defect also caused problems when adding related instances to instance diagrams.

Problems with package refactoring have been resolved (Bugzilla 321409)
There were many problems with package refactoring that have been resolved. Please see corresponding bugzilla for more details.

Problem with adding Associations in diagrams (Bugzilla 330424)
There was a problem with respect to dragging an artifact's arrow to an empty space in diagram and selecting 'Existing Elements'. This operation would get ignored.

Existing element.png

A regression with generation result dialog has been resolved (Bugzilla 328459)
This regression prevented user from copying content of result generation to clipboard. It also prevented scrolling in dialog.

Explorer not reacting to preference changes (Bugzilla 327226)
There were problems with Tigerstripe Explorer not updating when preferences were modified.

Allow instance diagram link direction to be chosen (Bugzilla 222176)
Association end can now be selected for self join links.
Self join associations.png

Conflicting default names (Bugzilla 326361)
In some instances, the class diagram in Tigerstripe would select a conflicting default name.

Support for multi-valued attributes in instance diagrams (Bugzilla 329183)
Multi-valued attributes are now supported in instance diagrams. User can now create a proper list of primitive or complex attributes.

Instance initialization.png

Reference selection.png

A regression regarding artifact dependencies has been resolved. (Bugzilla 331413)
This was a serious regression, which caused a number of dependency issues in Tigerstripe

Association and Association Classes can now be dragged from Explorer to class diagram (Bugzilla 247244)
Dragging an association on a diagram will add corresponding artifacts automatically.

Expanding/collapsing Tigerstripe containers (Bugzilla 328947)
Tigerstripe containers (such as projects, folders, packages, etc..) can now be expanded/collapsed by double clicking on them. This is standard Eclipse behaviour that was not being done before

Manage Associations dialog can now be sorted based on its columns (Bugzilla 329409)
Clicking on columns allows for ascending and descending sorting of items in table.

Manage associations.png

Changes to 'Add Related Artifacts' (Bugzilla 328556)
Adding related elements now automatically adds the association between the instances. Action now takes into account inheritance.

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