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I25 Release Notes


Enhancements: 5
Major Defects: 3
Normal Defects: 8
Minor Defects: 1
Trivial Defects: 1
Total: 18

Issues Resolved:

Automatically request stereotype values (Enhancement 327245)
When a stereotype with arguments is added, the user is automatically prompted for the argument values:

Stereotype dialog.png

Association end types now included in Association Dialog (Enhancement 325546)
When double clicking on an association, the end types are now included in the dialog.

Association edit dialog.png

Better Navigability: 'Rename' context menu action (Enhancement 327410)

Artifacts can now be renamed from their context menu in class diagrams. This invokes the refactor wizard.

Artifact context menu2.png

Improvements to generator page in project descriptor files (Defect 328443)
The following changes have been made to the generator section of project descriptor files:

 - Enable checkbox is now the first item displayed in the section
 - Labels have been formatted to be consistent
 - 'Plugin Settings' tab has been renamed to 'Generator Settings'
 - All labels and buttons now properly align
 - 'Default' button has been given a clear label and moved to bottom of section
 - Column widths are adjusted to maximize screen real estate
 - Buttons are given clearer labels

This is a somewhat BEFORE shot:

Generator before.png

AFTER shot:

Generator after.png

Improvements to Tigerstripe Editors (Defect 236233)
Labels are now consistent across Tigerstripe editors

Navigating from class diagram to TS Explorer (Defect 328893)
Issues with navigating from diagrams to TS Explorer have been resolved:

Showin explorer.png

Save As feature for Diagrams (Defect 327493)
There was an issue, which prevented users from using 'Save As' for a diagram file. All related problems have been resolved.

Issues related to deleting packages (Defect 327838)
This was an issue where portions of packages would still linger after it was deleted. For example, deleting 'com.mycompany' would delete everything as expected, but 'com' would still be lingering.

Automatic version insertion in artifact files (Defect 323646)
This was a regression where Tigerstripe's version was not properly inserted in newly created artifact files:

* Created with Tigerstripe(tm) Workbench
* v.$runtime.getProperty("tigerstripe.feature.version")  <-- VERSION IS NOW PROPERLY INSERTED
* Copyright (c) 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc.
* All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
* are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
* which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
* DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - Created with Tigerstripe(tm) Workbench

Removing attributes/methods in diagrams (Defect 320140)
This issue prevented users from removing attributes/methods from diagram files. With this fix, users should be able to remove attributes/methods from diagram files and the model/diagram should stay in sync.

Improvements to Generate Dialog (Defect 328459)
Minor improvements have been made to generate dialog in Tigerstripe:

Generate dialog.png

Moving attributes/methods in TS Explorer (Defect 328645
There were problems with moving attributes/methods from one artifact to another in TS Explorer. All related issues have been resolved.

Issues with creating associations (Defect 328949)
There was a race condition in the code, which resulted in some errors to be logged in Error Log view when creating new associations. Problem has been resolved.

Issues with renaming an artifact in diagram files (Defect 327000)
In certain cases, artifact renaming from diagrams would cause a workbench hang. This issue should now be resolved.

Stereotype values not getting persisted (Defect 323536)
The issue with stereotype values not getting persisted has been resolved.

Problems with renaming packages (Defect 321409)
There were various problems with renaming packages in Tigerstripe Explorer, which have been resolved.

Modified 'Plugin' label to 'Generator' (Enhancement 327833)
To promote consistency and clarification, all labels referring to 'Plugin' in Tigerstripe have been modified to 'Generator'. For example, 'Plugin Project' is now 'Generator Project'.

Generator label.png

Changes to Tigerstripe's Download Page:
Tigerstripe's download page has been significantly simplified. There is now an update site that will host a new version of Tigerstripe at the end of each iteration.

- Release notes will now be posted at the end of each iteration
- 'Hello World' wiki has been updated
- 'Instruction Installation' document has been updated to include the new changes to the update sites
- 'Why Tigerstripe?' document has been updated
- Preliminary work towards releasing an open source version of Tigerstripe has been completed.  An official release will be made available soon.  
  In the meanwhile, users are advised to use the "iteration" update site that will be updated at the end of each iteration. 

You can continue to expect improvements and updated content to Tigerstripe's open source web site.

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