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I-Card Provider


Higgins supports multiple kinds of i-cards with differing characteristics. It does so by using multiple kinds of i-card providers, each of which implements one specific class of i-card. Although all i-cards implement the base "ICard" interface, some may implement one or more of the optional interfaces, and thus provide more or different characteristics.


An I-Card Provider is responsible for:

  • Instantiating I-Cards that implement the I-Card Interfaces
  • Managing the persistence of i-cards (e.g. to/from working storage)
  • Supporting the I-Card Registry in importing I-Cards from one of the supported card data formats.
    • I-Card Providers implements a canImportICard method that declares what formats it can support
  • Supporting the I-Card Registry in exporting I-Cards to one of the supported card data formats.

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