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Using Hudson/Hudson script console

Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Hudson Script Console

Hudson Script Console

Hudson features a nice Groovy script console which allows to run arbitrary scripts on the Hudson server or on slave nodes. This feature can be accessed from the "manage Hudson" link, typically at your http://server/hudson/script.

Sample Groovy scripts

Allow broken build claiming on every jobs
Change JVM Options in all Maven tasks of Freestyle Jobs — This script find all Maven Tasks registered in freestyle jobs and replace JVM Options by a new value.
Change SCMTrigger for each project to disable during the night and the week-end — This script lets you easily change all jobs running every minutes so that it gets disabled between 21:00 and 07:00 and on Saturday and Sunday.
Convert standard mail notifications to use the Mail-Ext Publisher plugin— This script replace mail notifications in all projects by Mail-Ext publisher plugin and re-uses existing recipients.
Disable all jobs — This script disable all jobs in you hudson server
Display job parameters — This scripts displays the parameters for all the jobs along with their default values (if applicable).
Display mail notifications recipients — This script displays for all jobs the list of mail recipients used for notifications.
Display monitors status — Hudson uses monitors to validate various behaviors. If you dismiss one, Hudson will never propose you to reactivate it. This script allows you to check the status of all monitors and to reactive them.
Display timer triggers — This scripts displays the timer triggers for all the jobs in order to better arrange them.

In addition, scripts are available at JBoss.

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