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Hudson-ci/development/third party libraries/UI

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Hudson-bust.png Libraries: UI


PB == Piggyback on existing Eclipse approval

CQ == IPZilla Reference

Library name Description Where used License Url Current version The latest available version Distributed? PB? CQ Approved?
Silk Icons Icons used in the Web UI hudson-core Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License 1.3 1.3 Y Y 5545 Y* Development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications hudson-gwt Apache License, Version 2.0 2.3.0 2.4.0 Guava GWT compatible libs hudson-gwt-common Apache License, Version 2.0 r08 r09 Y Y 5549 Y Logging Library for Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with Deferred Binding hudson-gwt Apache License, Version 2.0 3.1.0 3.1.3
com.flipthebird.gwt-hashcode-equals.gwt-hashcode-equals A port of Apache Commons Lang's HashCodeBuilder and EqualsBuilder to GWT hudson-jaxb \\hudson-rest-model \\maven3-model Apache License, Version 2.0 0.1.0 1.0
org.fusesource.restygwt.restygwt GWT generator for REST services and JSON encoded data transfer objects hudson-gwt Apache License, Version 2.0 1.1 1.1
com.extjs.gxt Java UI Component Library for Google Web Toolkit hudson-gwt GPLv3 2.2.0 2.2.4
org.kohsuke.graph-layouter Graph Layout Library 1.0 1.0
jfree.jfreechart Chart library for the Java hudson-core LGPL 1.09 1.0.13
com.octo.captcha.jcaptcha-all Captcha definition and integration hudson-core LGPL 1.0-RC6 1.0
javax.servlet.jstl Implementation of the Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages - this version pulled in via Jelly hudson-core CDDL 1.1 and GPL 2 with CPE 1.1.0 1.2 Y N 5732 Y
embedded-rhino-debugger The Rhino JavaScript debugger is a GUI that allows debugging of interpreted JavaScript scripts run in Rhino hudson-test-framework 1.2 1.2

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