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Hudson-ci/development/third party libraries/Loggers

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Hudson-bust.png Libraries: Loggers


PB == Piggyback on existing Eclipse approval

CQ == IPZilla Reference

Library name Description Where used License Url Current version The latest available version Distributed? PB? CQ Approved?
log4j.log4j Inserting log statements into your code is a low-tech method for debugging hudson-core Apache License, Version 2.0 1.2.13 1.2.13 Y Y 5620
org.slf4j.slf4j-api Simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks hudson-inject, hudson-rest, hudson-test-utils, hudson-utils, maven3-eventspy-common MIT License 1.6.1 1.6.2 Y Y 5563 Y
org.slf4j.jcl-over-slf4j JCL 1.1.1 implementation over SLF4J hudson MIT License 1.6.1 1.6.2 Y Y 5564 Y
org.slf4j.slf4j-jdk14 The slf4j JDK14 binding hudson, hudson-war MIT License 1.6.1 1.6.2 Y N 5565 Y
org.slf4j.jul-to-slf4j JUL to SLF4J bridge hudson MIT License 1.6.1 1.6.2 Y Y 5546 Y
logkit.logkit Secure performance-oriented logging in Java server applications hudson-core Apache License, Version 2.0 1.0.1 2.0 Y N 5566 No - try and remove - see CQ and associated bug
ch.qos.logback.logback-classic Logback is intended as a successor to the popular log4j project hudson-inject, maven3-eventspy-3.0 Eclipse Public License v1.0 LGPL 2.1 0.9.28 0.9.29 Y N 5567 Y

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