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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Hudson Release Artifacts

Base Distribution

The base distribution for Hudson is a WAR file which can be obtained from the Hudson download page. This version represents just the Hudson Core without any plugins included. This distribution is fully Eclipse and under EPL.

When you first run this version in a clean setup you will be prompted to carry out extra setup and install a set of recommended plugins as well as any others that you might need.

Operating System Specific Distributions

As well as providing the cross O/S WAR distribution, Hudson is also available as a series of O/S specific install packages:

  • .deb - for Debian and Ubuntu
  • RedHat .rpm - for RedHat, Fedora, CentOS and Oracle Linux
  • OpenSUSE .rpm - for SUSE Linux

These distributions are all hosted on and can be downloaded from These distributions are a mix of MIT and EPL.

Windows users should download and use either of the two WAR distributions (Base or Plugin Bundle).

Plugin Bundle WAR Distribution

To provide a smoother out-of-the box experience for Hudson users, we also provide a plugin bundle WAR distribution. This distribution includes the most commonly used plugins pre-installed for you. This is a larger download (~93 megabytes as opposed to ~26 for the base WAR. Because the Plugin Bundle WAR contains non-Eclipse code (third party plugins) it is hosted on, and contains a mix of EPL and MIT licensed artifacts.

Warning - Beta Distribution
For the moment we recommend that you only use this Plugin Bundle WAR distribution on a clean (empty) Hudson Home. This is because of the risk of incompatibilities between the plugins automatically installed with this distribution and any that you may already be using. In a future version we will provide you with an opportunity to configure the plugin set as part of the install process. This enhancement is tracked in Bugzilla as Issue: 397663

Plugins Included in this Distribution

The Plugin Bundle WAR contains the following commonly used plugins:

  • Static Analysis Utilities - This plug-in provides utilities for the static code analysis plug-ins.
  • Checkstyle Plug-in - This plug-in collects the Checkstyle analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • CVS Plug-in
  • Deploy Plugin - This plugin allows you to deploy a war to a container after a successful build.
  • Disk-usage plugin - This plugin counts disk usage.
  • Email Extension Plugin - This plugin is a replacement for Hudson's built-in email publisher
  • FindBugs Plug-in - This plug-in collects the FindBugs analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • GIT plugin - This plugin integrates GIT with Hudson.
  • Groovy Support Plugin
  • JFreeChart Plugin
  • JNA Native Support Plugin
  • Maven 2 job type Plugin - legacy Maven support
  • Maven 3 Plugin
  • PMD Plug-in - This plug-in collects the PMD analysis results of the project modules and visualizes the found warnings.
  • REST Plugin
  • SSH Slaves plugin
  • Subversion Plug-in
  • Translation Assistance plugin
  • XPath Provider Plugin - This plugin provides XPath support for Hudson

What About Pre-Eclipse Versions?

As an Eclipse project, Hudson has to be extremely careful with respect to IP issues and what can and cannot be downloaded from the Eclipse WebSite. Versions of Hudson created before it became an Eclipse project have not gone through the same due diligence process as the Eclipse version and so we have taken the decision to not make these old versions generally available. If you really need access to a pre-Hudson 3.0 version just drop a mail to the Hudson Developers List.

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