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Hudson-ci/community meetingsOctober142015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 21-October-2015


  • Hudson 3.3.2 Planning

Any other topics that come from the community


Duncan, Greg, Latha, Winston, Bob, Geoff, Stuart


  • Hudson 3.3.2 will fix recently reported Jenkins security issue which also exists in Hudson.
    • Issue has been fixed and verified by QA
    • Stage 10/23
    • Release 11/6
  • JAR signing and Hudson plugins - JDK 8 does not allow self-signing jars. We will need a certificate to sign a plugin jar but the plugin is not an Eclipse project.
  • Hudson-ci website has been migrated to github - Duncan
  • Any bug backlog will be pushed to Hudson 3.3.3. Will discuss for next meeting.
  • Stuart is running into upgrade issues for Hudson 3.3.1 for ant-based jobs running on slaves. Rolled back to 3.3.0. Stuart to send information so we can investigate further.

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