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Hudson-ci/community meetings/November182015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 18-November-2015


  • Hudson 3.3.NEXT
  • Follow up on Stuarts scaling and performance issues

Any other topics that come from the community


bob, greg, stuart, winston, geoff, latha


  • Stuart issue follow up
    • Delete a job and the job folder doesn't go away. Status said success but it was actually failing. Old job folder and builds gets reused in new job.
    • Bob provided a new build with debug information.
    • Stuart to run the builds this week and provide new logging.
  • Security issue forwarded by Duncan. Dev needs more information on the issue and will analyze a fix. Check back next week.
  • Forum feedback - request to port a few Jenkins plugins. Dynamic build params plugin, Sonar?, mqtt. Dev will evaluate.

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