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Hudson-ci/community meetings/November042015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 4-November-2015


  • Hudson 3.3.2 Release Status

Any other topics that come from the community


Latha, Greg, Stuart, Bob, Duncan, Goeff


JavaOne Recap - great coverage for Hudson this year (in context of Oracle Developer Cloud Service)

  • 5 keynotes
  • 19 sessions
  • 3 hands on labs
  • CNN & Yahoo coverage

Hudson 3.3.2 GA last week

  • Stuart to try it out today
  • Updated Bugzilla with 3.3.2 category

Started talking about Hudson 3.4

  • responsive UI to work well on mobile/tablets
  • new libraries
  • more bug fixes

Tentative Time frames for release

  • 3.3.x - Bug fix release before Christmas (if necessary)
  • 3.4 - Feature release in March 2016

Stuart's Update

  • Ant issues from last meeting have been resolved
  • Scaling questions - Bob to follow up offline

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