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Hudson-ci/community meetings/May302012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 30-May-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


  • Release Update
  • Release 2.2.1
    • Distributions and release for tomorrow
  • M3 Release
    • initial setup feature complete and under testing - Geoff to test next week (Wed) prior to staging.
    • bug fixes being tested
    • 5/6 test harness errors being fixed
  • Eclipse QC Update:Outstanding Eclipse Library approvals
    • Approved Libraries or libraries in parallel approval: 62
    • Remaining approvals needed: 5
  • Outstanding tasks:
    • Switch from Ganymed SSH to JSCH - Tracked by Bugzilla: 380545

major change, should be factored into M4 may mean new plugin manager into next release(M5?). Winston to look into getting addition resource to accomplish both tasks in M4

    • Adopt version 04aug2007 of JTidy - Tracked by Bugzilla: 380806

Winston to look at this

    • Migration to Antlr 3.0 - Tracked by Bugzilla: 377056

Winston thinks this is more complicated that at first thought. More research required - seems to still use 2.7 that is not approved by Eclipse

  • Infrastructure
    • Winston to check problems with login and edit existing bugs with ID (seems to be issue with Crowd plugin)
  • Plugins
    • Bob Foster - working on Static Analysis 3.0 - forked for JFreechart

later try to find layer for compatibility between Jenkins/Hudson also broken in 2.2.1 - needs looking at prior to 2.2.1 release - Steve Christou to work on this

  • Attendees
    • Steve Christou
    • Geoff Waymark
    • Winston Prakash
    • Paul Hartenstine
    • apologies
      • Duncan Mills
      • Greg Stacknick

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