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Hudson-ci/community meetings/May142012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 14-May-2012

Feel free to add you own points to discuss / questions to the following list. 


Releases - 2.2.1 release testing bug fix release mostly security fixed from Stuart (backported from Eclipse release) fix of SVN connection problem (storing authentication for new users) will be staged Wednesday, testing thur/fri for early next week release

Releases - M3 Progress Winston - final testing on initial setup page

Eclipse CQ update Final list for M3 sent to Eclipse. Being examined as priority by Eclipse this week 15 waiting for Eclipse 7 outline approval, indepth review underway low risk that 1 of those may be something we don't like and needs work around SSH library - may take longer as security. but do have an alternative if necessary

Eclipse release once have potential date for library approval Duncan will work with Eclipse on PR/marketing

Infrastructure Firefox / selenium setup and running. Henrik to test with Duncan

Plugins static analysis plugins are broken in latest release - Jenkins development has changed something in core so compatibility has been broken - developer has moved up to a newer version of Jenkins so seems no longer wants to remain compatible - will backport to last version with compatible core until repair is done - Winston to fork and repair - Susan to contact plugin owner and discuss

We will no longer automatically update plugins Winston will write additional Selenium tests for the tier2/tier3 plugins and update if remain compatible Additional work is being done by Winston and team on analysing plugin compatibility for Eclipse release

Winston requested Henrik to re-hash the plugins lists around most 'popular' and 'featured' plugins

Participants Winston Prakash Duncan Mills Geoff Waymark Paul Hartenstine Susan Duncan Henrik Lynggaad Hansen

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