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Hudson-ci/community meetings/March252015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 25-March-2015


  • Hudson 3.3 status
  • Java EE 7 certification
  • Java 7 migration
  • EclipseCon 2015 Recap

Any other topics that come from the community


Stuart, Latha, Geoff, Greg, Bob, Winston, Duncan


Hudson 3.3 dev status

  • Git plugin work - git plugin is failing when trying to checkout on a clean workspace. Maybe only older than git 1.9. Related to JGit binary.
  • Disk usage plugin rework - Bob
  • Potential memory leak - Undeploy/Redeploy in Tomcat is not freeing up memory of the undeployed webapp.

QA Status

  • Java EE 7 more dev updates coming so not quite QA ready yet. Testing against Glassfish 4 and Wildfly. Glassfish tests pass but Wildfly is having issues. Seems to be related to CDI implementation in Wildfly.
  • Additional plugins need attention

Java 7 - hasn't started yet as plugins are currently higher priority.

General - internal Hudson development servers having connection issues with Maven Central. Duncan to check firewall and proxy settings.

Stuart has a couple of issues in bugzilla wants us to take a look. Will send query and we will look at for 3.3.

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