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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Mar202012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 20-March-2012


Eclipse Move update 

Stapler - post-fork changes removed and pre-2010 version - now approved by Eclipse. package changed to org.eclipse.hudson. More testing being done to ensure no backwards compatibility is


Other upgrades:

JBoss 7 integration - will be done by Steven Christou

SVNkit1.37 upgrade - Steven in process of releasing it

M2 progress 

Stapler testing as above

QA will start April 9th (after Winston/Steven/Susan return from Eclipsecon) and release around 20th April

Memory leaks/consumption - Winston wants to look more into this as issues seen by Steven in 2.2.0. might be related to reported Post build losses - Geoff has not seen any issues with this in 2.2.0. May be that there is a plugin that is causing it? No other reports and cannot reproduce in lab. Please report any issues and pay particular attention to the plugins you are using. Enhancement 374342based on some feedback on the Eclipse forum is to allow admins to separate out the contents of HUDSON_HOME into separate locations for configuration and data. Jason has also asked about backing up configuration only in recent mails. Generally thought to be good idea. Winston will look into this and also the versioning of config files by release. There is a job config backup plugin - Geoff to look at this in this context. Should also look at JGit as a partial solution (would mean using JGi (we curently only use from the command line).

Event driven architecture Henrik has proposed one mechanismand there is also something from the maven contribution. The two are faily different approaches. (AWT versus 'swing' listener register) Winston to look at both and come up with a proposal.

Committer status: Winston is getting an Eclipse committer status for Henrik. Winston to ask for Gerrit to be implemented for Hudson. 

 Owing to conference/Easter Next meeting 16th April 

Attendees: Winston Prakash, Geoff Waymark, Steven Christou, Henrik Lynngaard Hansen, Susan Duncan

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