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Hudson-ci/community meetings/June172015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 17-June-2015


Any other topics that come from the community


Stuart, Latha, Duncan, Greg, Geoff, Bob, Winston


Hudson 3.3 Discussion

Geoff seeing Groovy issue in 3.3. Hudson groovy plugin is using an old version of Groovy. Bob/Winston will investigate updating the Groovy version in the plugin but the solution could be tricky.

Latha testing all plugins and no issues so far.

QA is Still running verification tests against full server cert matrix

FindBugs plugin doesn't seem to be working with Java 8. Non trivial fix but needs more investigation.

Maven 3 plugin update to Maven 3.3.x. Updating library in plugin to maven 3.3 causes incompatibility and we have had no response from Sonatype.

Stuart has picked up Hudson 3.3 and so far seems ok. Reported an issue with updating the ant location and filed a bug.

Duncan is moving through the release process so we should be able to release on July 10th on schedule.

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