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Hudson-ci/community meetings/July012015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 01-July-2015


Any other topics that come from the community


Stuart, Bob, Greg, Geoff,


  • Hudson 3.3 QA -
    • 471471 (see query URL above) should be fixed for GA
    • 471476 Will ask for more information from reporter but should probably fix
  • Hudson 3.3 Dev Update
    • Bob fixed and released FindBugs plugin and will take a look at the new issues above
  • Hudson 3.3 PM/RM
    • Final release review with Eclipse PMC is July 8th
    • IPLog is good shape
    • PMC has mostly signed off
    • Pre-Eclipse releases (older than 2.0) of Hudson are currently hosted by Oracle as they predate the move to EPL licensing. For licensing reasons, Oracle is considering moving these legacy releases to a download on request policy. More discussion is expected before a final decision is reached.

Hudson 3.3 GA target - originally planned for July 10th..

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