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Hudson-ci/community meetings/January132014

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 13-January-2014


  • Hudson 3.1.1 GA!!
  • Hudson 3.1.2 planning


Bob, Duncan, Duncan, Winston, Geoff


  • Hudson 3.1.1 is GA! Thank you to the community for RC testing and bug verification.
  • Hudson 3.1.2 planning
    • A few issues reported by early adopters of 3.1.1. We would like to fix these quickly and put out a minor release to address these issues, Hudson 3.1.2. 4 sev 1 related to cascading jobs, 1 ER related to additional control over caching.
    • Goal is to release these fixes within a month.
    • Link to Hudson 3.1.2 bugs
    • Do we need to fix and release any plugins for 3.1.2? No, top 50 seem to be working properly in 3.1.1. Winston fixed and released plugins for 3.1.1 GA.
    • Hudson forums list Timestamp plugin is having an issue. Timestamp was rev'd in January 2014 and some users were having an issue with 3.1.1. Will investigate and release as needed.
    • Duncan will create 3.1.2 Bugzilla entry and product plan entry.
  • Hudson 3.1.2 Release plan
    • 1/13 Dev fixes
    • 1/20 QA
    • 1/24 RC1
    • GA 1/31

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