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Hudson-ci/community meetings/February112015

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 11-February-2015


  • Hudson 3.3 Planning - Possible themes
    • Java 7 & 8 certification
    • Java EE7 adoption for dependency injection
    • Performance and stability improvements
    • UI changes

Any other topics that come from the community


Winston, Latha, Stuart, Bob, Duncan, Greg


Hudson 3.2.2 has released. Hooray!

Hudson 3.3 Planning

  • Java 7 - vote to drop Java 6 as minimum supported platform. Oracle community and premier support for Java 6 ended in 2013. Unanimous support to move to Java 7. Tracking bug -
  • Adopt Java EE7 dependency injection - current Hudson 3.2.2 uses google guice for dependency injection. Investigate moving to java ee standard dependency injection. Further investigation require before committing to 3.3.
  • Tentative timeline for June 2015
  • Next meeting review 3.3 targeted bugs and enhancements

Hudson 4.0

  • Suggest Move UI changes to Hudson 4.0 as it may include API changes

EclipseCon 2015 discussion

Hudson usage discussion with Stuart. Great discussion with Stuart on his configuration and installation of Hudson 3.x.

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