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Hudson-ci/community meetings/Dec122012

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Hudson-bust.png Community Meeting 12-December-2012


  • Hudson 3.0.0 Release

Hudson has been approved by Eclipse today (last bug marked as fixed 10am EST!) Final sanity test of war file to be staged for Geoff to test Other OS packaging will be released at same time release 'bundle' will also be released including the core set of plugins (see below) Doc migration should be finished by Friday (plugins stay on CI, core to Eclipse) Greg working on PR

  • RC4 - 3.0 changes

there are no mandatory plugin installs (to comply with Eclipse rules)

  • Core plugins to be included in bundle

previous 'mandatory' plugins - compatibility featured (SVN, Git, Maven etc) Groovy JFreechart (as alternative to BIRT)

possiby extend this list later

  • Should we join Eclipse Kepler Train

Greg - to investigate what we need to join pre Dec 24th

  • What's next
    • New Features
    • Bugfix release
    • Plugins

Analysis of plugins for future release based on automated usage stats Henrik to produce compatibility list to aid discussion January: look at infrastructure for plugin development to make it easier for new developers

  • Attendees

Henrik Duncan Geoff Winston Greg Manfred Susan Bob Steve

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